Homemade .357 Slam-fire Carbine From Royal Nonesuch

YouTuber Royal Nonesuch is at it again, building homemade guns that make us all drool in the stupor of our own uncreative minds. In all actuality, this .357 magnum slam-fire carbine is an awesome little survival/back pack gun that breaks down to almost nothing, and looks relatively easy to build. Only time will tell at this point if he'll put a tutorial video out about how to build one—but I'm hopeful that he will because I'm going to build one either way. I'd rather have it laid out before me so I don't blow my hand off in the process.
There are several things I like about this homemade gun. First, it's homemade and, therefore, untraceable. Second, it's chambered in .357 magnum and has some awesome ballistics behind it. Third, if he wanted to, he could also shoot .38 special through it as well. Fourth, it breaks down into pieces and is small enough that untrained eyes might not even realize that you've got a gun in your back pack.
Overall, this looks like a bad-ass little gun. I hope he does more videos on it, because I need to know what he used for the barrel, and how he attached the pin to the stock.
Here's the video, enjoy!

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16 Responses to :
Homemade .357 Slam-fire Carbine From Royal Nonesuch

  1. Lester Levinson says:

    Cool guns. Please let me know if that 357 goes on sale.

  2. mr bad example says:

    i’ve been a sub to RN for a few years, he does a lot of crazy stuff.

  3. Is the barrel rifled? Or just a pipe? Either way, still cool for a homemade gun.

  4. George says:

    We need all or young men and women of all races to prep for the upcoming fraud in the prez election. Communists are trying to destroy our nation! Do not hide your heads in the sand !!!!!!!!

  5. Gary Owens says:

    I would like to have plans for building one.
    Gary “O”

  6. Gary Z says:

    If it can be made & safe to fire in .357 it can be made in just about Any pistol caliber, rimmed ones anyway. If you could make/find a split ring like a piston ring to fit in the extractor grooves then you might be able to use a semi-auto pistol round as well.

  7. L.C. says:

    i do not have a “Facebook” account but did like the video.
    I would be interested in purchasing the manufacturing / assembly instructions and parts list to various types of weapons you may have available.
    Thanks for an alternative to purchasing the weapons off the street.

  8. Robert says:

    think its great. I’m like u I’d like to see instructional on how to build it

  9. Gordon Brown says:

    I always enjoy watching the new ideas and inventions. This man, in my opinion can do whatever he sets his mind to. I think the 357 mag is a great round and not so over powered that most folks can handle the recoil. Great job and I too would like to see a build video. Thanks.

  10. Robert says:

    By popular demand, please release the details on the making of this fine weapon. Did you use a .357 barrel that was purchased? And the single shot “bump” is neat, but what keeps the pressure from being released rearwards?

  11. Troy says:

    Great build…!
    I have carried a 357 mag Rossi for many years and I love this gun.
    It has the needed stopping power yet little recoil so it’s easy to shoot.
    The fact that you can also shoot 38 special rounds in it make for some inexpensive range rounds so you can spend more time practicing with it and not worry about blowing out your wallet…!
    Plus, the 357 mag round is a little too much for my wife but she can handle the 38’s just fine…!
    I would be forever grateful if you could find it in your heart to take pity on the unworthy like me and put together a build instructional along with a complete parts list…!
    ( did I lay it on thick enough ) …?
    Thanks for all you do for us guys…!
    Ps. Want to say thanks Joshua for a great site…!

  12. Matthew says:

    Cool gun, barrel probably cut from another, non-functioning rifle.

  13. CARLOS GARCIA says:

    Very impressive I would love to make one for my self .

  14. Michael.Green says:

    I,m interested in building one for fun and plinking.

  15. Donald Luksan says:

    Looks like a fun project.

  16. John Daynes says:

    I want to know how to make one! Bbl. material, and firing pin mounting especially! Do it! Show us how you did it! 🙂 I double-dog dare you!!

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