Idiotic Anti-Gun Quote Of The Week: Nobody Should Have A Gun, Edition

Idiotic Anti-Gun Quote Of The Week: Nobody Should Have A Gun, Edition

Coming in on the heels of Hillary Clinton finally sticking it to the Bern with all of those super delegates, and the sitting president saying in a town-hall meeting that nobody wants to take our guns, DNC Committee member Bonnie Schaefer said this: “I really don’t personally think anyone should have a gun. That’s just my own philosophy.” Take a look at it, here:

Now, she did go on to say that this is just her own personal opinion, hinting that other lawmakers of similar values don't necessarily believe the same thing. However, I don't remain convinced that this is just her “own philosophy.” Let's take a quick look at who else doesn't think people like you and I should own guns…

Absolute Rights pointed out that Hillary Clinton, when asked if owning a gun was a constitutional right, floated like a butterfly in avoidance of giving an answer. She was asked twice, and finally said this:

“If it is a constitutional right, then it–like every constitutional right–is subject to reasonable regulation.” You can watch her talking about it, here:

While she didn't say whether or not it is or is not a right of the people, she used the word “if.” That little two letter word is a very powerful thing in that it shows that she has a doubt. It shows that she questions the 2nd Amendment, and its current interpretation.

I can't say for sure if she plans to do anything about the 2A if she's voted in. What I can say, is that, by some estimates, roughly 20% of registered Democrats are gun owners. That is a very big number, and she cannot afford to upset them by coming straight out with a solid answer.

She would risk scaring them away, and make them not vote for her. She cannot afford to lose 20% of the democrats who may already be sitting on the fence, just because they enjoy having the ability of equalizing disparity against an attacker with a firearm.

Finally, when speaking to the sitting president's statement regarding that neither he nor Hillary want to take away our guns, I'd just like to point back to Georgia's bill HB 731. If you remember correctly, that proposed bill gave a list of firearms that were “bad” and said that they'd confiscate them if they weren't turned in (it also said a lot more, so go read it if you're intrigued). Here's a video of the town hall I referenced:

Sound Off Gun Carriers! What do you think about this? Why was Hillary trying to avoid that question? Do you think HB 731 points to the radical left's true agenda? Let us know in the comments below. Then, check out our friends over at Survival Life for the latest SHTF survival ideas.

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Idiotic Anti-Gun Quote Of The Week: Nobody Should Have A Gun, Edition

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