KelTec P50 Gun Review

KelTec P50 Gun Review | Shooting a pistol at target in indoor firing range | Featured

Since its release, the Keltec p50 has been likened to a blaster from Star Wars. Well, there is more to the gun than its looks. 

Here is an in-depth review of all there is to the popular Keltec p50.

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A Closer Look at the Internet Breaking Keltec p50

1. Adaptability

KelTec P50 Gun Review

One of the most outstanding features of the Keltec p50 is its QD mounts and Picatinny-style rails that offer plenty of room for accessories to meet your needs for the job at hand. 

2. Dynamics 

KelTec P50 Gun Review

The 5.7 cartridge on the Keltec p50 comes in several variants, from hunting to sporting to personal tactical defense. This is attested to by protective details around the world that utilize its efficiency and hunters. And sport shooters and hunters who adore the cartridge for its exceptional distance capabilities and accuracy. 

3. Firepower

KelTec P50 Gun Review

It would be remiss not to mention the firepower this pistol packs. The platform of the P50 is based around a 50 round, double-stack magazine that lays horizontally along the top of the grip. 

4. Magazine 

KelTec P50 Gun Review

The Keltec p50 takes the fnp 90 mags where it packs up to 50 rounds. It features a trigger that pops the top of the gun so that you can access your mag, load it with ammo and return it before slamming the top shut the receiver. 

This will give you a lot of firing time in between making magazine changes. 

Note: Being a large format pistol, this new p50 is chambered in 5.7 by 28 cartridge 

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Gun Owners Handbook

 5. Ergonomics

KelTec P50 Gun Review

Additionally, it features an AR-style charging handle, not to mention an Ambi safety on both sides of the pistol. For a pistol, it has a commendable 15-inch length with a 9.6-inch barrel. 

What’s more, it has a threaded one-half by 28 muzzle and weighs 5 pounds with an empty mag. This is the same weight range as with most pistols despite its length.  

Similarly, the handgun is equipped with non-rotating sling cups at the bottom and back for your QD sling. This way, you’re free to sling it up and push it forward as opposed to using a brace to pull it back in. 

6. Sights

KelTec P50 Gun Review

Like with most other pistols, it comes with a pair of sights. That is An a2 post at the front of the gun and the rear. Due to its length, you can expect a relatively long sight radius – every handgun owner’s dream.

Trivia: Its 9.6-inch long barrels create apple room for you to add your red dot

7. Recoil

KelTec P50 Gun Review

The p50 is designed with a dual recoil spring assembly system to add to the already fantastic ballistics and dynamics. The two rods and buffers in the recoil system make for an exceptionally smooth shooting gun. 

Note: The eject port of the p50 is at the top of the gun, but the slug shells are ejected at an almost 90-degree angle. This way, they are not in your face when you are shooting the gun. 

8. Price 

KelTec P50 Gun Review

For a newly launched handgun, the Keltec p50 comes at a fair price of $995 and is already shipping around.  


  • The Keltec p50 comes with a sling and two magazines
  • Attaching a sling to the gun’s cutie sling caps primarily depends on the aftermarket  

Watch this video by DemolitionRanch on brand new keltec p50… better than fn p90?:

There you have it, fellow gun lovers. With this detailed review, you have an in-depth look and understanding of the newly released Keltec p50. This way, you are better placed to decide on whether to own or not. After all, knowing what to expect at least, you do before investing.  

What do you think about the Keltec p50? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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KelTec P50 Gun Review

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    This is the worst review I have ever read. Nothing touted as a benefit is even remotely close to being a positive feature. “What’s more, it has a threaded one-half by 28 muzzle and weighs 5 pounds with an empty mag. This is the same weight range as with most pistols despite its length.” Ha. Not even a Desert Eagle weighs this much. This review reads like the spam emails I get from Indians offering to help optimize the search result ranking of my non-existent website.

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