Letter to the editor: Isis is a real threat to the American way of life

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November 19, 2015 / Comments (3)

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Below is a letter to the editor from a concerned citizen. Please read what this American has to say, and do with it what you will.
My Fellow Americans…
We are coming up to a time where it seems as if our leaders are unable to help us. As long as ISIS and radical Islam is on the loose, we face very real dangers. And in fact, on a global scale, some world leaders believe that we are on the cusp of a very major war. Some of them have even coined the term “World War III”. Though, there really is no way of knowing how bad it could be.
To be sure, there's no telling what rests on the horizon. However, two things remain certain…
…the time for vigilance is not tomorrow. It is today. Now. And, the war has already been declared against us. The Jihadis are already here, and may feel emboldened by the terror attacks in France.
Sadly, it seems as though our politicians either cannot or will not do what they were elected to office to do: Serve We the People. This has shown us that we cannot rely on our government for protection against these radicals. When the fight comes to our streets, we must protect ourselves and our families.
If you do not own a firearm, now is the time to buy one.
Last night on the Megyn Kelly show, one of the guests who is a counter-terrorism expert, shared his views about what could be next. Here are some of his quotes:
You can't negotiate with people who want to destroy you. You have to be tactically aware. If you live in an area where you can carry a gun, do it. They want to take the war to America.”
And, in fact, they already have taken the war to America. They are already here. We all hope that they do not strike. But deep down inside, we all know that they must. It is, after all, the way they have chosen.
Stay vigilant, my friends. Make sure that you train, and do so often. After all, there is no way of knowing when terror will strike.
Signed, A Concerned Citizen.
Here is the video that this Concerned Citizen was talking about:

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