WEDDING CRASHER: Man Bites Dog — Literally

October 21, 2013 / Comments (0)


wedding crasher may have been on drugs

Santa Barbara police have detained a 22-year-old man they say crashed a wedding, then bit an officer and a police dog during a six-minute melee.

Sgt. Riley Harwood says police were called Saturday night after a stranger — who may have been on drugs — crashed the wedding at the Santa Barbara Carriage Museum.

Harwood says guests evicted him. But during a confrontation with two arriving officers, he punched one in the face and bit his shoulder, then bit a police dog on the leg. The confused dog also bit an officer.

Harwood says after he was handcuffed, the man attacked a third officer.

Two officers were treated for various injuries.

Harwood says the man was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries and will be arrested when he's released.

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