Otter Creek Labs, KAC URX-4, and PEW Science Dealers [PODCAST]

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August 26, 2021 / Comments (0)


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Otter Creek Labs, KAC URX-4, and PEW Science Dealers

Today’s Topics:

  1. Sound Signature Review 6.48 – Otter Creek Labs PR30L on supersonic .308. (00:08:03)
  2. Another one: Sound Signature Review 6.49 – Otter Creek Labs PR30S on supersonic .308. (00:42:29)

  3. KAC URX 4? Yeah. So fun to install! A little bit of story telling for you. (00:52:37)

  4. Thank you to all the PEW Science members for your support. Welcome to all the new PEW Science members – the consumers, manufacturers, and dealers! Shout out to Blake Madigan – an SOT out of the Ft. Worth area and also to Bowie Outfitters down in Louisiana! (01:03:33)

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