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Since the debut of the p365 handgun in 2018, Sig has worked tirelessly to develop other p365 variants to meet gun owners' needs and preferences in the market. Here is a sneak peek at the evolution that has borne some of the best handguns today.

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A Closer Look At Sig's p365 Handgun Evolution over the Years

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The Prototypical P365

This original variation of the P365 handgun took the market by storm. The small compact handgun first came with a 10+1 capacity and a total length of under six inches. What's more, the P365 pistol weighs in under 18 ounces making it an excellent EDC even on hot summer days.

Gun owners who purchased the original P365 in 2018 still attest to it working flawlessly even after thousands of rounds. In addition, the earliest edition featured the SIGLite night sights, unlike the X-Ray tritium night sights that are now standard in all models.

Shortly after the original P365's original release, SIG launched a 12-round extended magazine for it. This came in handy as large-handed shooters now had full grip on the gun. That extra grip length made shooting at the range much more manageable and comfortable. This also meant a few additional rounds when target shooting.

Note: SIG's P365 is still a winner even with guns like the Smith & Wesson Shield Plus and Springfield Hellcat that came after its debut in 2018. This is partly because of its wide range of aftermarket features, including different magazine choices.

The P365 XL

Eighteen months after the original P365, SIG introduced the P365 XL in June of 2019. This updated variant still utilized the original P365's fire control unit but came with a few different and extra specifications.

Its main difference from the original is its larger grip module that holds a 12-round flush-fitting magazine. In addition, SIG was switching its upgraded P320 models from round triggers to a flat face trigger shoe that also debuted in the P365 XL during this time. Also, its barrel and slide lengths are about a half-inch longer than the original P365. These minor tweaks make a big difference when shooting for gun owners with larger hands.

Besides acquiring an entirely different feel, the longer sight picture made the P365 XL feel more accurate. Also, the longer frame meant shooters would have all their fingers on the handgun. Therefore, this upgrade is more controllable and generally easier to shoot in self-defense situations or the range.

Note: This variation was the first model to feature a removable rear sight. This allows shooters to install a red dot or iron sights which is an added advantage for customization.

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The P365 SAS

A few months after the P365XL launch, the SAS variant debuted in October of the same year. This variant's primary purpose was to present a slick concealed carry handgun with no snag points. As a result, this variant has the FT Bullseye fiber optic sight system in place of its front and rear sights.

Since the fiber optic system is embedded into the SAS's slide, it makes up for exposed sights. What's more, the SAS variant also features a recessed slide making it less of a snag point. It also replaced the takedown lever with a hollow flat-head point to make it as snag-free as possible.

The SAS variant is a low-profile handgun that is easy to conceal and shoot without struggling. Keep in mind that the fiber optic FT Bullseye sights allow you to have both fiber optic and Tritium sights for clear and easily visible sight pictures.

Therefore, we can conclude that the SAS is designed for up-close self-defense situations. Being a purpose-built handgun, the P365 SAS won't shoot at a distance but will excel at what it is intended.

The P365X

The P365X is the newest kid in Sig's P365 handgun family. It is an excellent mashup of the previous models to create a comfortable and compact handgun. For instance, the P365XL featured an optics cut on the slide, which was the first on SIG's factory firearms.

Besides the optics cut, SIG also incorporated the famous flat-faced trigger in the new X variant. Most upgrades on the P365X are modular. This means that you can make a regular optics-ready P365 if you want a smaller package. Whether you want a short slide with a larger grip surface or a more extended slide and shorter frame, you can customize your P365 to get what you want.

Here’s an infographic guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

Sig’s P365 Handgun Family | infographic

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SIG continues to develop new variants to meet the needs of gun owners at the concealed carry level. They took the concepts and ideas of their P320 and tweaked them to build small and modular carry pistols that fit various hands for concealed carriers. Thanks to the SIG P365 handgun family, there are zero chances that you will miss out on one that meets your needs.

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