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May 17, 2021 / Comments (26)

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In the battle of Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43, which firearm will win? Here is a detailed comparison of all featured and specifications of these two practical concealed carry pistols.

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Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43; Which is the Best Concealed Carry Firearm


Man with holster pistol in jeans Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 SS

As far as the length is concerned, Sig Sauer stands at 5.8 inches, while the Glock 43 is a bit longer and stands at 6.2 inches. On the other hand, the height is at 4.3 inches for the Sig Sauer and 4.25 inches for the Glock 43.

Lastly, the barrel length on the Sig Sauer is 3.1 inches versus 3.39 inches on the Glock, and the width stands at one inch versus 1.02 inches on the Glock 43.


9 mm pistol gun bullets and magazine Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 SS

Here, the Sig P365 has two notable double stack magazines with a ten-round capacity. One of the magazines has a finger extension. The Glock 43, on the other hand, features two polymer magazines with steel inserts. They are reliable and come with a six-round capacity, but you can always extend with plus one, two, three extensions.

It makes the Sig P365 more economical in that you do not have to spend extra money on magazine extensions.


Two firearms Glock pistols Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 SS

The Sig Sauer P365 boosts an X series grip style that extends to the front, back and sides. It also features undercut grooves that allow you to position your fingers higher on the gun for better control. What’s more, it features recess grooves at the back and on the sides for your thumb and index finger.

The factory magazine release is not ambidextrous but can be swapped and is similar to that on the P320. The slide lock slide release also works well and has excellent traction.

The Glock 43, on the other hand, features a Gen 4 style grip that might need a grip tape or sandpaper pistol grips. This is to keep the gun in place, especially if you have sweaty hands.

It also comes with a Gen 4 magazine release that is functional and easy to use. Like the Sig P365, it is not ambidextrous, but it is reversible. However, as far as undercuts or recesses are concerned, the Glock 43 falls short, which is why many owners modify it. It is minimalistic without a thumb safety, but its slide lock slide works excellent.


  • Both guns have rear serrations on the slides, which makes using the firearms easier. The ones on the Glock 43 could do with a little more toughness for a better grip.
  • In addition to the rear serrations, Sig Sauer P365 also features front notches for a better grip of the slide.

Take Down

Pistol stripping and cleaning tools Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 SS

It has the standard SIG swinging down lever for disassembly, which you only need to lock, and you are good to go. While most people may not add accessories to such a small firearm, the P365 features an accessory rail.

On the contrary, the Glock lacks a lever and only comes with standard Glock takedowns. And this makes cleaning and maintenance effortless.

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Air soft gun Glock 18C pistol gun Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 SS

photo by jointstar /

Though this was not the case sometime back, Sig P365 handguns now come with X-ray night sights that are high definition. This is in addition to the tritium vials.

Nonetheless, the Glock 43 flaunts some standard polymer U-notch sights that are easy to acquire in various situations except at night. This is why most people swap out the sights as soon as they get their Glock. Fiber optics, night or steel sights


Large assortment of modern pistols Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 SS

Sig Sauer P365 will mostly go for 599 dollars – mainly above the 500 dollar mark. However, depending on where you shop, you can get a Glock 43 in the range of 400 to 500 dollars.

This makes the P365 a little more expensive than Glock 43, but a worth buy considering that a Glock 43 might need upgrades hence extra money.


Serious woman with a flashlight and a pistol Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 SS

The trigger on the Sig Sauer does not come with a safety lever, but that does not mean that the trigger is not comfortable and smooth. Though less audible and crisp than in Glocks, it’s still functional and gives you the feedback you need.

Glocks come with a safety lever on the trigger on the flip side, but it does not go all the way in the trigger face. It is not a big deal but can be a bummer for people with long fingers. Additionally, it has a stout trigger pull that is predictable and audible, as is the reset.

Overall Verdict

Close up on a guy shooting firearm handgun Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 SS

That said, each of these concealed carry guns is functional and hence a worthy self-defense handgun. However, from a shootability, feature, ergonomic and optics point of view, Sig Sauer P365 is a better gun if you could have one.

Watch this video by Run Gun Heather on Sig Sauer P365 full review:

A lot goes into owning an everyday carry gun. Comparing and contrasting the available options is a great way to narrow down your choices and ultimately settle for the gun that best suits your needs and budget. Remember that different people are usually looking for different things in a gun, so you need your own comparisons.

Tell us, are you team Sig Sauer P365 or Glock 43?

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Which one would you prefer between the two? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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26 Responses to :
Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 | If You Could Only Have One

  1. Richard Ploeser says:

    Glock are US!

    1. Kevin DeBilzan says:

      SIT SAUER P365 would be my choice if I could only have one.

      1. Al says:

        Glock 43 with Shield 15 rd mags and Holosun micro red dot!

    2. Bryan Gann says:

      Sig Sauer all the way. Glocks big run is over

  2. Mark R Zindell says:

    I own a p365!

  3. Mark R Zindell says:

    Install a straight trigger and you will like it even more!

  4. Alan Borowski says:

    I have glocks & sig Sauer. I love my sig 365 for concealed carry. I forget I have it in on sometimes. My opinion sig is definitely a better gun.

  5. Larry Marquell says:

    I prefer my Kimber ultra raptor II 45 and Kimber micro 9 mm

    1. Bryan Gann says:

      No one asked you about kimber

      did they. Stick with the question

  6. Craig Bearden says:

    Without a doubt it is Sig all the way!

  7. Bill says:

    Sig over Glock everyday!

  8. Robert says:

    I once owned a Sig and never again

  9. Chad E Giarmo says:

    I owned two glock 43s and honestly I didn’t hate it. When sig came out with the p365 I became a fan right away and bought one. It’s my everyday Carry along with my 45. The capacity was a big seller and it’s accurate. Also love that it has night sights unlike the 43.

  10. Steve says:

    Sig 365 hands down. I own EVERYTHING Sig makes except for the Mosquitoe. It was junk.

  11. ROBERT WALKER says:

    I own a P365

    1. Anonymous says:

      I own a P365. Love it!

    2. Chuck says:

      I own a P365 and a Glock 43 and 42, I find them all to be good firearms. All this Fan Boy crap by both sides is idiotic! 🤮
      As far as comfort when carrying I prefer the 42, I know it is a .380, but with Hornady critical defense rounds it is a good defensive weapon. Of course the Caliber Fan Boys will start criticizing me, but who GAF.

  12. Joe says:

    I was a Deputy Sheriff in Texas. A sig save my life in a firefight. Glock is also a fine weapon. But, I like the sig.

  13. Robe says:

    Glock. RELIABLE, affordable, tons of aftermarket support. Nuff said

  14. Kevin DeBilzan says:

    SIG SAUER P365 would be my choice if I could only have one.

  15. Kevin DeBilzan says:

    SIG SAUER P365

  16. Greg says:

    I’m a retired P.O. and once had to qualify with a Sig, which at that time, had never shot before and qualified a 50 out of 50. Sig is a very accurate pistol and yes I do own the SIG P365. Nice weapon and very easy to conceal.

  17. A.C. says:

    The Sig is by far the best handgun comparing the two. The Glocks have always had a problem with maintaining a tight group of shots. I know from being a peace officer that a tight group of shots is a must. Workmanship of the Sig is phenomenal.

  18. l2a3 says:

    Can’t reach the trigger on double stacked Glocks but Sig P365 works for me, along with Browning Hi-powers and M1911A1 with short triggers.

  19. DAVID FEEMSTER says:


  20. Brandon says:

    I have both and agree with the review that the Sig stacks up favorably. The only problem is that I am more accurate and consistent with the Glock so I carry the 43.

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