3 Best Glock Upgrades For A Perfect Build

Feature | Best Glock Upgrades for a Perfect Build

Take it from the experts, these Glock upgrades will be perfect for a variety of builds. Check out your upgrade options below!

3 Glock Upgrades to Prioritize

Glocks are already fantastic firearms, so looking for an upgrade might seem, initially, unnecessary. But the fact is that no one Glock is perfect for everyone.

Finding ideal upgrades could help you modify your Glock so that it’s perfect for your unique needs.

1. New Magazines


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Your Glock will only be as effective as the magazines you feed it. While we’d recommend having at least a few spare magazines on hand in case of an emergency, you should also look into buying reliable magazines instead of cheaper ones.

Getting factory magazines from Glock themselves is a great idea.

They offer several Magpul varieties that are pretty affordable but come with excellent design features like stainless steel springs and reinforced feed lips to prevent unreliable feeding or jamming.

These magazines feel great when they drop and when you slam them home.

4th of July Sale

4th of July Sale

You can also look into magazines for concealed carry.

They’ll still carry 10 rounds or so of ammunition but will fit flush with your weapon’s grip, all without making carrying the weapon under your shirt uncomfortable or unwieldy.

2. Better Sights


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Of course, excellent optics are one of the first things you should look into when upgrading your Glock.

The fact is, although Glocks are fantastic firearms that are staples in American culture for a reason, they also often come with subpar sights.

These are usually plastic optics that do little to improve your accuracy at a distance (although most people think of using Glocks in short-range engagements, anyway).

Still, there’s nothing stopping you from upgrading your Glock with much better optics. And we’d recommend it if you really want to practice your accuracy at range.

Plus, good self-defense relies on you having excellent shot placement!

One great option is the Ameriglo Agent Night Sights. This pick comes with rear green sights and orange sights at the front. The orange color is actually a benefit since it makes it easier for you to focus on the front sight when taking your shot.

The sights are low-profile and are even used by law enforcement officers. Of course, the lamps are made with tritium for long-lasting illumination and exceptional visibility in dark environments. Plus, they’re super easy to install on your Glock.

However, any night sights or optics that do a better job than the factory standard stuff that comes with most pistols out of the box will be great upgrades to your build.

3. Extendable Slide Release

Extendable Slide Release | Best Glock Upgrades for a Perfect Build

Lastly, it might also be a good idea to look into something like an extendable slide release.

Most Glocks come with factory slides that are a little tricky to engage with because of their small size. Experienced Glock users might not have too much trouble, but beginners will certainly benefit from something more accessible.

As they come, Glock slides are very thin tabs of metal that hugged the frame of the weapon pretty closely.

Fortunately, Glock themselves make several extendable slide release levers. These are easy to incorporate into your existing Glock build.

All they do is add a larger ledge that’s way easier for your finger to reach when you need to. These levers are sensitive enough that you can release the slide even without putting your finger fully on the square of the button.

This being said, if you plan on using your Glock for concealed carry purposes, you might want to stick with the regular, compact slide release.

Your Choice Depends on You

Ultimately, what Glock upgrades are best for your needs depends on you, your budget, and your comfort level.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice or contact a local gunsmith and see what they can do for your Glock firearm. Good luck!

What’s your favorite Glock upgrade and why? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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