Firearm Safety At Home: 6 Tips For Parent Gun Owners

May 27, 2020 If you have both kids and guns at home, you must be more adamant in practicing firearm safety at home. No excuses. Here are six tips to help you with that. Firearm Safety at Home | Keeping...

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What You Need to Know About Gun Control | Frequently Asked Questions

April 24, 2020 Looking for some information about the gun control policies and laws that are out there? Take a look at these frequently asked questions to get your answers. Gun Control FAQs Answered The...

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First-Timer? 5 Shooting Range Safety Tips

April 17, 2020 If you’re heading down to the gun shooting range for the first time, you might be nervous. But the truth is, a firing range can be quite a safe place, so long as you practice good safety...

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HR 5717 and the 2020 Attack on 2A

March 24, 2020 On January 30, 2020, Rep. Henry “Hank” Johnson (D-GA) introduced HR 5717 to the House of Representatives. HR 5717 is known as the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of...

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Why You See Gun Sales Spiking with Coronavirus

March 23, 2020 The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading fear and panic across the nation. It’s no surprise that people are stockpiling on essentials like food and gas (and toilet paper…). But,...

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How To Pick the Perfect Small Handgun for Self Defense

March 22, 2020 Lots of firearm enthusiasts will recommend hand cannons like a Desert Eagle for self-defense, even though that’s a bit overkill for most situations. But many of our readers may have...

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Gun Shows Closing Down in California – What It Means

March 20, 2020 It’s unfortunately no surprise that the push for the closure of gun shows in California has begun to reach critical mass, although the Coronavirus outbreak may be slowing things down...

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An Alternative To Leaving Your Gun In Your Car Or Truck At Night

March 6, 2020 Feeling hesitant about leaving your gun in the car? Discover some useful tips for certain situations to help you make a good decision. RELATED: Gun Storage | How To Hide Your Gun Safe In...

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Car CCW | The Safest Way to Store Your EDC [Gun Carrier]

March 6, 2020 We all have our patterns of life. Wake up, get dressed, holster your EDC for the day, and get in the car. At this point, you have a few choices to make in order to prepare yourself to...

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Gun Safety Tips: Ways To Avoid Danger When Handling A Gun

February 28, 2020 How well do people know about gun safety? Every gun owner pretty much knows how to handle their firearm in a safe manner, yet the potential for danger cannot be ignored. Gun Safety...

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