Appeal of Seattle Safe Storage Law Proves a Win for 2A Supporters

October 26, 2020 What is the Seattle safe storage law all about? And why is it under fire? Here’s what we know so far! Seattle Safe Storage Law: What’s Wrong With It? A lawsuit filed in 2018...

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NSSF Learn to Shoot Series: A Great Way to Master Marksmanship

October 23, 2020 Do you like to improve and work on your marksmanship? You’re in luck! The NSSF Learn to Shoot series got your back! The NSSF Learn to Shoot Series: Is It Worth Watching? Firearm...

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What ALL Gun-Owners Can Learn From the Mary Katherine Hidgon Case

September 30, 2020 Guns are important tools for self-defense, hunting, and are ultimately only as dangerous as those who use them. But there are cases where people use them poorly, as in the case of Mary...

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Top Reasons Why Gun Safety Comes First

September 9, 2020 Educating others to use guns properly and practicing your own firearm accuracy and effectiveness is important. But beyond accuracy or lethality, gun safety is by far the most important...

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The Coolest Gun Facts And Features You Should Know

September 8, 2020 Modern guns and rifles are amazing pieces of equipment, but even diehard firearm hobbyists or hunters may not know about some of these interesting gun facts and features. 5 Awesome Gun...

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Why You Should Take A Gun Safety Course

August 27, 2020 Folks who live around people with guns sometimes think that they don’t need to take a gun safety course before they buy a firearm of their own. Other people naïvely think that using any...

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The Pros And Cons Of Carrying A Backup Gun

August 26, 2020 Is it really necessary to bring a backup gun? We’re breaking down the pros and cons here! Should You Carry a Backup Gun? A backup gun is any pistol that you consider to be secondary...

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A Beginner’s Guide To Proper Gun Handling

August 25, 2020 This brief beginner’s guide to proper gun handling will help you become more confident and effective with your chosen firearm in any circumstance. Gun Handling for New Gun Owners Using a...

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5 Types Of Handgun Malfunctions And What To Do About Them

August 12, 2020 Let’s break down the five most common types of handgun malfunctions and what you should do about them if you encounter them. Troubleshooting Handgun Malfunctions Handguns are the simplest...

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Outdoor vs Indoor Shooting Range – Which Should You Choose and Why

July 30, 2020 An outdoor and indoor shooting range offer slightly different experiences. Let’s examine what both bring to the table. Outdoor vs Indoor Shooting Range | What’s Better? Heading down...

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