Politically Incorrect: The Inevitable Wussification Of Our Military, And Happy Vets Day

November 10, 2016 / Comments (8)

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Today's generation of kids are a bunch of whiny little limp noodles who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

Making matters even worse, our children are being dumbed-down with common core education, causing everyone to be equally stupid. In a world where nobody excels and everyone is the same, we'll have a world of slavery. Friends, our country is about to be in a world of hurt because these brats will soon fill the ranks of our military.
What do I mean? At some point, many of these pansies are going to join the ranks of our armed forces. In some cases, they already are. The basic training of some military branches is getting easier to make the recruit's life better and less stressful. Make no mistake about it, standards are dropping.

People, boot camp is supposed to be stressful! It's not supposed to be easy.

If you can't handle the stress of your chosen branch's basic training, how can you ever handle a war zone? How can you handle bullets flying at you? You won't be able to.
Problem is, it's only going to get worse. Those currently serving in the military aren't necessarily from the age of “mommy I'm offended,” but the precursor to them (though there definitely are some already in there). Later on down the road, however, when more of them join the military, we will no longer be able to protect ourselves from our foreign or domestic enemies. We will be vulnerable.

Let's look at the men and women of prior years to see where we've come from…

Vietnam, Korea and the World Wars. At the ripe old age of just barely old enough to vote, they were storming the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima. They trekked through the jungles of foreign lands in search of an elusive enemy skilled in guerrilla warfare. Against all odds, they charged toward the spoken enemy, rifles in hand, and killed without hesitation. Why? Because they were told to. They were told that those other people were the enemies of America.

That was reason enough for them to get involved.

Furthermore, a lot of them falsified their records and age, just because they wanted to fight. Protecting America and everyone back home was all that mattered. They stood up against tyranny and socialism, spit in its face and beat its ass to a bloody pulp.
Sadly, most of those courageous men and women can no longer serve. Many of them cringe at what they see today.

Compared with today's kids…

Some of today's generation, and most certainly tomorrow's, is filled with sissies who cry out to mamma each time someone is mean. They scream out about hurt feelings and political correctness. They want to shut down college campuses because they perceive something as being racist.
On top of all that, they welcome socialism (what their forefathers fought against) because it promises free college.

They disallow and hate the First Amendment to the point that they won't allow a presidential candidate to have a rally in a city filled with their fellow Americans who want to hear that person talk. They are losers who won't stand up for what is right and are incapable of doing anything on their own. All they care about is that their feelings don't get hurt and that we don't disagree with them. And, they want what feels good, and they want it NOW.
If it “feels” good, do it. Even if it is crack, heroin or some other shameless act. After all, if it “feels” right, it cannot be bad, can it?
They hate people who disagree with them. Other people can only be tolerated if they believe the same things they do. Those who are unlucky enough to not believe what these wussies do are chastised, often publicly, and punished for their beliefs. If they can't work with other people, they'll never be able to follow military orders.
(This generation of people is America's present and future. But, it IS NOT our enemy's future. They are just as strong as ever.)
My fellow American's, this leads to the wussification of our military right before our very eyes. Sadly, it's starting in our schools and is following our youngsters throughout their lives. Those who are brave enough to join the armed forces, aren't anywhere near strong enough to join.

This means that our standards will be dropped dramatically. If they aren't held to the same standards, momma's little baby will get into their ranks, and the only option at that point is a weakened military.
When America's armed forces are weak, so is America as a whole.
Some of you may argue that our tech is the best.
Yes, our tech is some of the best in the world. We have great equipment, planes, helicopters, trucks and guns. But if the people behind that gear suck, we're all screwed.
Why this is an issue:

Our military is the reason for us being on top. Granted, you need other things, too. But, if our military is weak, we have no defense against our enemies. It's bad enough that our current leadership is filled with wimps who don't know the difference between the Free World and a socialist country. Or, maybe they do know the difference, and that is a problem, too.

The sheer presence of America's military is enough to keep everyone else at bay—regardless of your views of our past wars. Without that power, we'd be overrun. It's just that simple.
If you have children, please teach them what it means to be a real American man or woman. Teach them to not be wimps. We need to combat this now, before it's too late.
Do you agree? Sound of how you “feel” in the comments below. When you're done with that, head on over to the Gun Carrier YouTube page and subscribe to our channel. We've got lots of good stuff coming your way.
Oh, and happy Veterans Day, you glorious bastards.

8 Responses to :
Politically Incorrect: The Inevitable Wussification Of Our Military, And Happy Vets Day

  1. DHConner says:

    At going on 18, I enlisted in the Marines under the delayed pool, so that I could finish high school and have something worthwhile waiting for me when I graduated. In the interim, I did 400 sit-ups a day and 200 pushups, and ran (loped) a mile or more also. I was carrying 200 newspapers 7 days a week, and never walked, always trotted. Then the world crashed like a ton of bricks. I was in a collision, spent 1 week in intensive care, 6 more in the hospital, was released from the Corps, because they “needed people who had all their parts”. My spleen had been ruptured, so they took it out of course, and that was the end of that. Yet, as I lay on the emergency room table, the Doctor said “Look at the muscles on this boy”. A few minutes later I came to again and heard him say to my mother “I don’t know if we can save him, but we’re going to try”. I didn’t come to for four days, and the aftermath from there was, and still is, 52 years later, just a fog. When I was transferred to a regular ward surgical ward, one morning the Doctor remarked that “if you weren’t in the condition you were, we’d have lost you. Why were you in such good shape? ” I told him about the Marines, and what I had been dong to get ready for Basic. He said something to the effect that it was a good thing I had been preparing, and that most kids (I was a kid at 17) weren’t smart enough to do that heavy exercise. I had also been doing straight-hang pull-ups, and various other exercises. My best friend from grade school had gone in the Corps, as had his older brother. Both saw combat in Viet Nam. But the most important they told me was to make myself as hard as a rock, because in Basic the D.I’s. would do their damndest to try to break you. I said to myself “They’ll try to break you, but I’m going to work like Hell to keep that from happening.” And so, even though my dream of becoming a Marine was finished, it served me well, for the physical conditioning program I devised kept me alive, when the Doctor’s said most people would have been killed, especially after they saw the pictures of the car I was driving. My point is this: upon graduation from high school, or reaching age 18, you will be going into the Armed Forces. You pick one or we’ll pick it for you. We don’t care about your religion, your conscience. your marital status, if you have a kid or 5 of them, your parent’s condition, — in short, nothing is going to keep you out of the armed forces, and if your own physical disabilities are great, we will find some work that you can do – writing computer code, answering telephones, but you will do something. And you do it for two years. Only the certifiably insane and violent criminal histories of an individual, male or female, will keep you out. Pregnancy will result in your date of service being delayed, and don’t keep dropping them to stay out. We’ll find an answer for that too. If this country is good enough to live in, then it’s good enough to put your life on the line to defend, even at the cost of your life. Your life is just a dot compared to that of the nation. Amish, Quake,r whatever: YOU ARE GOING! You are not going to leach off the blood of other men and women because of your beliefs. No, you won’t do service at home as a whatever. You will be combat trained and you will fight if called upon to do so. “All men are created equal…”, and you are not exempt from the responsibilities that clause places upon each of us, as well as the rights.

    1. roger says:

      DHConner Hear!Hear! Loud Applause and much clapping and cheering

    2. Dolanfossil says:

      DH Conner, Sir I salute you. I am Navy brat, I have always felt that if you want to be a citizen, you owe your country a portion of your life in service to your country. I volunteered and proudly served 11/22/63 – 11/04/67. Three tours in country. AND I feel if you haven’t served, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote, you have not earned that right. If you have not served you can not run for public office, you have not earned that right. I have always told people if you haven’t served, you don’t get to vote, and you have no right to bitch about how things are being run.

  2. Lummi says:

    The military can have the newest and greatest in whiz-bang weapons technology, but that has never won a war by itself. I believe it was an British general with several wars behind him who said words to the effect that “tanks and cannons, and bombers and all that lot are fine, but in the final analysis it still will always take a bugger in boots to wankle the the enemy out of his trench”. It’s not by chance that infantry has always been called the Queen of Battle. My brother-in-law was a highly decorated chopper pilot in Nam, and after his death we read some of his citations, which never discussed while alive. He won the DFC for. doing things that defy the imagination. But what he did talk about was his everlasting respect and admiration for the “grunts” that did the “real, down and dirty face to face fighting” and were the “toughest, bravest, meanest SOBs I’ve ever seen”. I have no doubt that in spite of what the PC idiots are trying to do, there are still some tough, brave, mean SOBs in our military. In fact, I’ve met a few in recent times. One made it very clear that she was a Marine first, and female second!

  3. Mikial says:

    Sad but true. There are a lot of good young people in America who have grown up in an environment of patriotic and self-reliant people, but they are the minority. So many of the young adults I meet now are a bunch of self serving whiners that I have genuine concern for the future of our country and really . . . the human race.

  4. BMac says:

    I agree whole heartedly, our society is creating an embarrassment of generational pansies. Just one correction: the stress cards an urban legend, they do not use them in the US military.

  5. Erjc Mullet says:

    Vietnam era brothers ..EXCEPTING ,IT’S All. been “POLITICS”, since. MAYBE WW2? THE. FLAKEs, i CANT explain; RAISE them.different &THEY “get PTSD”, diagnosises, from Granola LIB therapists! In the ‘FOOD”, maybe ..its ALL a political game. & the ENEMY. LEADS US.. GOD help us

  6. dave says:

    Here’s an idea – draft their wimpy asses, and send their moms to the field with them. Send the kiddies out there, and then arm mommy and let her go save her baby.

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