Why Your EDC Strategy May Be Wrong

December 29, 2023 If you follow a lot of survival and self-defense articles, you are bound to see at least one or two on individual everyday carry. The same goes for those who watch the gun guys on YouTube....

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Situational Awareness | Embracing Your Inner Yoda

December 21, 2023 “What you are aware of, you are in control of; What you are not aware of is in control of you.” Anthony de Mello What Is Situational Awareness? I was hiking the backcountry of...

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December 21, 2023 / Comments (4)

How to Choose Bulletproof Vest For Different Situations

July 14, 2023 How to Choose Bulletproof Vest For Different Situations? No one knows when a situation that poses a severe threat to humanity may take place and thus, being prepared beforehand is...

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