DIY Vapor Rub for Cough and Congestion

October 14, 2023 Our friend Gaye Levy at Backdoor Survival always has great tips for living a more self-reliant lifestyle. Today she is sharing with us her recipe for a DIY healing vapor rub for coughs and...

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October 14, 2023 / Comments (2)

The Benefits of Honey: Everyone Should Know

September 30, 2023 Honey is one of the most important things you can have in your survival stash. There are so many uses for honey, from first aid to digestion to allergies and even hygiene. Our friend Gaye...

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September 30, 2023 / Comments (13)

7 Ayurvedic Remedies For Better Health

March 29, 2019 Discover how Ayurvedic medicine can help improve your health naturally. Learn the different Ayurvedic techniques your body can benefit from here! RELATED: 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches...

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8 Herbal Teas and Their Medical Benefits

July 14, 2016 These herbal teas have amazing medicinal benefits and, in my opinion, every family should have them in their pantry. Here are my top 8 choices and their amazing medicinal benefits. Green...

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July 14, 2016 / Comments (8)

13 Home Remedies That Actually Work

July 13, 2016 I for one will always try to avoid going to the doctor whenever possible.  It’s always a relief when there are home remedies to help you feel better. There some...

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5 Hospital Secrets You Need to Know

July 6, 2016 As a prepper, you should know to never let your guard down – even in a place that's supposed to be safe. Here are a few hospital secrets to keep in mind during your next...

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5 Natural Ways to Soothe Hay Fever

May 27, 2016 5 Natural Ways to Soothe Hay Fever Allergy Season is in Full Swing, But You Don't Have to Suffer 30% of the world’s population suffers from allergic rhinitis – more commonly...

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7 Natural Ways to Soothe a Respiratory Infection

December 13, 2015 Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, was right when he pronounced, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This has been confirmed by decades of...

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Surprising Uses for Household Items

December 12, 2015 For preppers, the name of the game is resourcefulness. Being a prepper means using everything at your disposal to its full potential, even common household items that often go overlooked....

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Building a Target First Aid Kit: Part 3

October 7, 2015 In parts one and two, we discussed what a first aid kit is, and started to populate it with the broadest category of first aid supplies; that is, for treating penetrations of the skin....

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