More Uncommon First Aid Items

More Uncommon First Aid Items by Survival Life at

Several months ago, we published an article by Gaye Levy about uncommon items to pack in your first aid kit.

Today, she's adding a few more items to that list.

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More Uncommon First Aid Items

As I wrote last September, I have a fairly decent first aid kit.  It includes everything from a large variety of bandages to painkillers, antibiotics, essential oils, trauma supplies, first aid books, and equipment such as braces, splints and a blood pressure monitor.

Since then, however, Ebola and now measles have become a threat, and it is only a matter of time when my first aid kit will be called into play to protect my household from contamination from sickness, or worse, a pandemic.

As I try to cover all contingencies, I have come up with six additional items well suited to the prepper’s first aid kit.  These are all items that are commonly available and low in price.  Not only that, you may already have a number on hand.

Wouldn’t this be a good time to gather them together with the rest of your first aid items?

6 More Items You May Have Overlooked in Your First-Aid Kit


Hazardous Waste Garbage Bags

uncommon first aid garbage bag

Following Ebola, this was the first new item I sought for my first aid kit.  These red bags are clearly marked as “Biohazardous/Infectious Waste” and include a biohazard symbol.  They come in many sizes and can be used to discard bandages, compresses, needles, tissues, clothing, and all manner of contaminants.  They are perfect as a trash can liner for the sick room.

Since disposal of hazardous medical supplies may not be immediate, it will be important to keep contaminants separated from the rest of the garbage; my plan is to take the sealed hazardous waste bags and double then triple bag then in hefty bags.

Link:  Medical Action Infectious Waste Bag


Razor Blades

uncommon first aid razor

You might be wondering why the heck razor blades are suggested for the first aid kit.  The single most important reason is that in order to get a proper fit with your N95 or N100 mask, you are going to need to have a clear patch of skin.  If you are ever in a situation where a protective mask is required, it will be handy to have razor blades right there in your kit, ready to go.

It also might be a good idea to have a hank of denim in your FAK so that you can strop the used blades and give them an indefinite life.  See How to Sharpen Razor Blades for the Long Term.

Link:  Bic Twin Disposable Shaver for Men, 3 – 10 packs


Whiskey, Bourbon or other Spirits

uncommon first aid bourbon

The higher the alcohol content, the better. Spirits can be used to sterilize instruments and clean wounds.  Unlike isopropyl alcohol, spirits can be ingested internally to dull the patients pain prior to an invasive procedure when anesthetics are unavailable.  Most definitely, whiskey, bourbon, or other spirits belong in the first aid trauma kit.

Oil of Oregano

uncommon first aid oregano oil

Oregano essential oil is one of nature's most powerful antibiotics.  It is also considered to be antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-allergenic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic.  Perhaps most notably, oregano essential oil is an anti-microbial, with a demonstrated ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Mixed in a lotion or with a bit of coconut oil, Oregano oil makes a perfect hand sanitizer that will not expire.  See:  25 Ways to Use Oregano Essential Oil for Health and Wellness.

Link:  Spark Naturals Oregano Essential Oil, NOW Foods Oregano Oil


Chicken Bouillon

uncommon first aid Bouillon ss

There is a reason why chicken soup is considered a cure-all for colds and other illnesses.  It works.  According to Medline and the NIH:

The steam from chicken soup may open up congested noses and throats. Soup also provides fluid, which is important for fighting infection. Some researchers suggest that substances in chicken soup reduce the inflammation associated with the common cold, thus providing some relief of symptoms.

Although researchers have not been able to prove that chicken soup helps cure the common cold or other illnesses, you may want to take advantage of these apparent healing properties.

Since it is not convenient to store dozens of cans of chicken soup in your first aid kit, consider chicken bouillon which is cheap, portable, and has an infinite shelf life.

Link:  Tone’s Bouillon Cubes, Chicken, 32 Ounce


Flexible Drinking Straws

uncommon first aid straw
The final uncommon item is the ubiquitous drinking straw.  If you have ever been down for the count, you know how difficult it is to drink out of cup or bottle when you can barely hold your head up.  In addition, drinking from a straw is more sanitary in that after doing so, the straw can be disposed of in a hazardous waste bags; no washing required.

Link:  Crystalware Plastic Flexible Straws, Individually Wrapped

Other Uncommon First Aid Items

In addition to these six items, take a few moments to look over your first aid kit to ensure that you also have these additional uncommon items that were described in the article 8 Uncommon First Aid Items.

Liquid Bandage such as New-Skin
Super Glue
Tampons and Maxi-pads
Hand Sanitizer
Safety Pins
Tongue Depressors
Self-Adhering Cohesive Wrap Bandages or Vet Wrap
Hemostatic Agent such as Quikclot

The Final Word

No one wants to be sick but when you are, it is comforting to have a caregiver that is well-prepared and that has taken steps to ensure your comfort as well as their own safety from contaminants.

I am always on the lookout for things I may have overlooked when putting together my own first aid kit. Most especially, I keep an eye peeled for items that have multiples uses.  With the exception, perhaps, of the hazardous waste bags, the six items today meet that criteria.  No comment on the spirits, if the shoe fits, put it on!

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Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

7 Responses to :
More Uncommon First Aid Items

  1. Janet Julien says:

    Oil of Cloves for toothaches,

    Saran wrap and vaseline for sucking chest wounds and to cover deep abdominal wounds to prevent the guts from drying out,

    Shaving cream for covering bad burns, it will wash right off easily at the hospital and form a sterile covering till then

    small muslin bags or cheesecloth for poultices and padding for splints

    Honey as an antibacterial and as an emergency diabetic sugar source

  2. frank says:

    everclear grain alcohol, will burn and prevent canteen water from freezing.

  3. Chuck says:

    Common table sugar can be used as an emergency antibacterial for wounds.

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