What We Can Learn from the Recent Mass Shootings

June 15, 2023 How to Defend Yourself in a Mass Shooting While gun crimes have gone down in the United States in recent years, the number of mass shootings has actually increased. As we were reminded...

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Protecting a City and Guarding Our Nation

April 4, 2023 Protecting City and Guarding Our Nation Ethan Mennen Tells Survival Life What It’s Like to Be a Cop and Army Ranger Ethan Mennen is a busy guy. Not only is he a full-time detective...

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Hidden Dangers of Pesticides- What You Need To Know

February 19, 2023 They're sprayed in abundance, but research on these chemicals remains surprisingly scarce Are any pesticides safe? Most of us think we're protecting ourselves from noxious chemicals when we...

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The Threat of Wolves – Facts, Safety and Survival Tips

February 19, 2014 Just suppose you're almost home, you have your two children in the car and it's winter time. You have no cell service and the car breaks down a half mile down the woody road from your...

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