This Video Has Two Epic Gun Fails…

While perusing the internet looking for the latest goings on, I stumbled upon this gem of a video that I'm just going to call a “learning opportunity.” Though, if I were being honest, I want to call it something else entirely. However, I'll refrain from my vulgarities in the name of education, and point out a few things to NOT do while holding a gun.

This next video features two totally different people doing two totally different things, totally wrong. Still with me here? Excellent, let's move on…

In some circles of shooting, it's entirely acceptable to lean back when shooting, similar to what the girl in the first part of the video did (though, not entirely). The people who usually do, though, are trick shooters and the like. In other words, people who have mastered mechanics and the fundamentals of shooting.

Other people, who are not specialized shooters, like myself, would never shoot a long-gun in this manner. Case in point, you'll get knocked on your bum. Now, a lot of newer shooters think that it's better to have your face as far away from the gun as possible. So, they try to stand like the girl in the video. Obviously, not such a good idea.

What the lady in the video did, while stupid, is debatable on whether or not it was negligent. The guy in the video, however, broke multiple safety rules and put someone's life in danger. You remember the 4 basic firearms rules, right? Here they are in no particular order:

  • Don't point your weapon at anything you don't intend to destroy. (Like your friend)
  • Know what your target is and what's around it. (Your target wasn't your friend, but he was around it)
  • Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you're ready to fire. (He should not have fired, with the muzzle on his friend)
  • Treat every weapon as though they're loaded. (Clearly, this gun was loaded, and he was negligent about it)

The guy in the video broke each one of those rules, and shot the hat off of his buddy. Of course, his friend is a dummy-head, too. Personally, you'd never find me down range unless I was covered by a big berm. Even then, I'm leery.

Anyway, I've let my jaws jabber on for long enough, feast your eyes on these pitiful creatures:

Sound Off Gun Carriers! What did you think? Is my assessment correct? How did the guy violate the four rules of firearms safety in the second half of the video? Let us know in the comments below. Then, make sure you sign up for Gun Carrier's Free Newsletter.

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This Video Has Two Epic Gun Fails…

  1. -CC says:

    The first one is the fault of the lack of proper instruction. The second one, I’d arrest for reckless endangerment with a firearm. The millions of lawful gun owners shall not be stripped of their freedoms because of the few fools that should be prosecuted. I’ve trained with dozens of active duty law enforcement officers that should not respond to anything requiring use of their firearms for the same reasons. Get it right or not at all. This is what the training is for. As well, the trainer should be evaluating the student by more what the targets look like. Knowing WHEN and WHEN NOT to fire is just as important.

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