Why You See Gun Sales Spiking with Coronavirus

gun sales spiking

The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading fear and panic across the nation. It’s no surprise that people are stockpiling on essentials like food and gas (and toilet paper…).

But, interestingly, one of the industries receiving a big and sudden profit uptick as a result of the hoarding panic is the firearm industry itself.

Where Gun Sales Are Growing

The West Coast isn’t particularly known for its Second Amendment friendliness. But it's become a hotbed of Americans looking to purchase guns and ammunition both for their own self-protection and out of distrust of the government, especially since Pres. Trump declared a state of emergency last Friday.

Many stores, like Martin B Retting gun shop in Culver City, CA, are seeing customers line up around the block in order to get self-defense firearms and ammunition for their existing rifles.

This isn’t just happening in California, either. Gun stores in North Carolina, Georgia, and New York are all saying sales spikes.

It seems that, in times of crisis, people actually like to feel that they have control over their own defense and aren't content to wait for the police to arrive on the scene in the event of an emergency. Who’d have thought?

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Is It Smart?

There’s certainly some wisdom in purchasing a gun if you don’t already have one during this period of uncertainty.

While it’s still unlikely statistically speaking that you’ll experience gun violence in the near future, you can never be too prepared and your odds of using the gun will likely go up the closer you are to a metropolitan center.

There’s an old saying that cities are only three days without food away from rioting, and we feel that’s very true. Anyone living in a city probably needs a firearm more than folks living in rural communities just because they’ll be facing other humans looking to take all the resources they can in a close-quarters environment.

What Should You Buy?

If you don’t already have a firearm and don’t have lots of training using guns, it’s a smart idea to buy a small pistol that doesn’t kick too much or provide too much trouble to use.

A revolver is a great self-defense weapon that provides enough punch to put anyone down in a few bullets.

On the other hand, more experienced marksmen may want to invest in a rifle in the event that things get even crazier in the coming months.

However, you’ll only want to invest in a rifle if you have significant experience using firearms and can get your money’s worth from the weapon.

Additionally, purchasing enough ammunition to get you by for several months without reaching the gun store again is a smart idea.

If you don’t reload your own ammunition or have the supplies to make your own, you’ll need to rely on premade ammo to feed your gun. If everyone buys all the ammo… that pistol you just bought isn’t really worth much, is it?

Should You Be Panicking?

Not necessarily, particularly if you already read our blog and have your own firearms and ammunition stockpiled in the event of an emergency. But it still pays to be prepared for anything and pay attention to the news as the virus situation develops.

If you do live in a metropolitan area where rioting is possible, it may be wise to relocate out of the city of possible, taking your guns with you. The last thing you want us to leave your weapons in a place where someone else can get a hold of them and potentially use them for bad means.

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Why You See Gun Sales Spiking with Coronavirus

  1. Dennis McClintock says:

    I live in Illinois just out side of chicago in a suburb called Worth,IL.Just last week went to to 6 gun stores. All the ammunition was completely wiped out one place had just a few boxes of 40 and 45 cal everything else was gone shelves were bare.Out of the six places I was able to go to with traveling a great distance one place did have ammunition but not selling any to anyone if this was all your after.It was ONLY selling the ammo to you if you bought a gun which is pure BS!!!! WHEN THERE IS WAITING PERIOD TO GET YOUR GUN ANYWAY…..PURE BS. THANKS FOR THE VENT DENNIS MCCLINTOCK

  2. Raphael P. Aragon sr says:

    Honest people stay home. Thieves are on the prowel

  3. Mikial says:

    I am happy to say that the years of prepping I invested in, even times when people close to me said I was going overboard, have served us well and we are well prepared. We have food, medical supplies, food and the means to protect ourselves if things go really bad. I hope and pray for all you that you are ready as well.

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