4 Amazing Ways to Use Wax for Survival

wax for survival

Paraffin wax is a synthetic substance made up of petroleum. It's existed for over 100 years, and the best part?

You can find this type of wax for survival at almost any hardware or hobby store. Now for the big question: Is it really possible to use wax for survival situation?

Benefits of Wax For Survival

Let’s start with the benefits of wax for survival along with you in your next survival situation.

1. Multi-Purpose Lubricant

One of many things wax will help you with are zippers, shears, knife blades and some of your other tools. Why? The reason why is because wax is a great lubricant.

It helps prevent the rusting of metals and since you spent the time learning how to sharpen your knives, this will make sure they last a long time and they are there for you when you need them.

If you are in a cold or wet environment, then you can use melted wax to now have a waterproof coating for your boots or shoes.

If you’re out in the cold and you’re stuck without gloves, then make sure to use your melted wax to coat your hands to keep warm and prevent any cracking of the skin. A major danger for you in your next survival situation could be infections.

2. Anti-Bacterial

If you suffer from cuts, any open wounds or even a little cracked skin like we spoke about, then use your melted wax immediately to coat your hands. This prevents future contamination from bacteria.

Stopping contamination from your body is crucial. Using wax may stop even a minor cut or the smallest of infections from becoming deadly.

3. Heat and Light Source

If you are in need of fire for warmth or cooking, then wax is ideal too. You can use the wax to create a few different sources of heat and light.

Since the wax is quite easy to mold when hot, you can make candles for small shines of light. Once you have made your candle, you can then put your wick in the candle.

Where do you get a wick from?

You can improvise and use a plant fiber, small pieces of rope that you have with you because you know it’s important to know how to tie square knots, or you can use any small piece of cotton cloth.

If you need something to light our way or to cook with, all you need to do is use some paper or cotton balls, dip in your melted wax for survival and you have an instant fire starter.

Another good source of light for you in need to travel in the dark during your survival situation is a torch, but how do you get one if need it?

Just simply tear up some sheets or clothing you have with you, dip it in your melted wax, and wrap it around a larger stick. This will allow you to now have your torch.

4. Built for the Weather

With wax, even if it’s raining or if you’re trying to battle wet conditions, you don’t need to worry because wax keeps burning.

This is great if traveling through snow, rivers or any cold-wet place and trying to keep your fire going and survive.

If you need to take shelter along the way, then grab a sheet or any kind of blanket you have with you and start to heat the wax up.

Next, simply dip your sheet or blanket in the melting wax for survival just a few minutes. This will give you a waterproof wall.

A perfect solution for staying warm and taking shelter from any of the weather conditions coming your way.

These are just some of the amazing ways to use wax in your next survival situation. It's cheap, has multi-purposes and incredibly light. This makes it perfect for adding to your survival pack without worrying about the extra weight.

Have you had to use wax for survival situation before or have you found any important uses of wax  for survival that could help someone else? If you said yes, then go ahead and let us know in the comments below.

Do you have cold weather survival tips? Share them in the comments section below!

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