Silencer vs Suppressor: Are They The Same?

January 7, 2021 In the gun world, there are two terms that are often used interchangeably –  silencer and suppressor. Those who don’t know will think they’re different things, but...

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9 Dove Hunting Tips For Beginners

January 6, 2021 The thrill and challenge of bagging your limit of birds make dove hunting one of the most rewarding and exciting hunts. Here are tips to keep in mind when heading out to hunt these swift...

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9 Best Duck Hunting Waders

December 28, 2020 Having the right duck hunting wader guarantees you a comfortable and warm hunting experience and conveniently increases your chances of landing a kill. Check out this roundup of the nine...

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7 Best Scope For An AR-15 For Coyote Hunting

December 22, 2020 Though mostly associated with the military, the AR-15 rifle is a versatile piece that also does a great job in the field. Whether you are hunting for fun or a bounty, you need the best...

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KelTec CP33 – Gun Review

December 17, 2020 Are you looking into getting a KelTec CP33? Before you fork over the cash, get to know this baby first! RELATED: Gun Review: Springfield XD Mod.2 In .45 ACP KelTec CP33: Things You Need to...

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11 Cool Weapons For Christmas Gifts

December 16, 2020 A flashlight stun gun or a medieval pushpin? How about both! These and more cool weapons you can gift your loved ones this holiday season. Check out this amazing roundup of handy weapons...

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Coyote Hunting Light For Your Hunting At Night | Coyote Hunting Lights

December 14, 2020 If pursuing coyotes at night gives you thrill and excitement, you need to prepare by equipping yourself with the right coyote hunting light. Don’t complicate your hunting during...

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Coyote Hunting in Colorado | It’s a Game!

December 11, 2020 Even without a bounty, coyote hunting in Colorado is every hunter’s goal. With the proper license and permits and the right hunting techniques, you can take as many coyotes as your...

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Coyote Hunting In Utah: Predator Control Program

December 3, 2020 There is no season for coyote hunting in Utah. If you are hunting for the bounty, you can hunt year-round. But If you hunt to harvest fur, you’d want to pursue these furbearers NOW...

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Oregon Gun Control Laws: Gun Rights Activists Wants Change

November 20, 2020 Gun control laws all around the country are becoming stricter but not necessarily all helpful. Oregon gun control laws are next. What’s happening there right now? Read more about it...

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