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February 25, 2021 / Comments (4)

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The Benelli M3 Convertible is a semi-automatic shotgun you can switch and operate in pump action. Get those slugs in and shoot with firearm engineering at its finest.

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Benelli M3 Convertible Dual-Mode Shotgun

Benelli M3 Convertible

The Benelli M3 Convertible is easily one of my favorite guns. I consider myself more of a rifleman as I love those long-range challenges.

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But when it comes to slug country, Benelli shotguns never cease to amaze me that I could go shoot them all day. The Benelli M3 is designed for rapid shooting in semi-auto mode.

From birdshot to buckshot, the versatility of this firearm is great in both pump-action and semi-automatic. A great majority of law enforcers make this gun a top choice in the field.

Gun Specs

This 5-shot capacity Benelli has a barrel length of 19.75 inches. It features a dual-action mode in semi-automatic and pump-action using 12 gauge (2-3/4″, 3″ chamber).

The overall weight is 7.2 lbs with polymer stocks including optional 3-dot tritium and ghost ring sights.

Ease of Use and Performance


This gun’s ability to easily change from pump-action to semi-automatic is just one of the reasons why it’s been used by the military and police worldwide.

Its ghost ring sights are an easy acquisition and the next shot is unbelievably fast in semi-automatic mode. Benellis are also known to be durable firearms.

Pros and Cons

The features of this M3 convertible are very likable. It’s a thing of beauty for being able to switch from the manual pump to semi-auto. There were instances when I’m unable to hit the target at a not-so-distant range.

I don’t know if it’s the firearm itself, or my expertise with shotguns.

Overall Verdict and Price

The price definitely justifies this gun’s features and performance. At around $1590 you have a Benelli dual-mode shotgun that operates in both semi-automatic and pump-action.

If I had any problems with this gun’s accuracy, I should say I just need to spend a little bit more time with it. I’ve seen guys who hit targets at distances I’ve had issues with ten out of ten.

Watch this video by Polenar Tactical and take a closer look at how a Benelli M3 shotgun works in semi-auto mode:

I’ve seen speed shooting using the fastest cycling shotguns and believe it or not, these Benellis are considered a workhorse. They’re fast and dependable shooting thousands of rounds with the same gun each year.

A gun with this kind of firepower and durability is something to be reckoned with!

What can you say about the Benelli M3 convertible? Let us know in the comments section below!

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