Whats in my backpack?

February 18, 2013 Being prepared doesn’t always have to apply to natural or man-made disasters.  Being prepared should be a way of life no matter what you do.  If you are a hiker, hunter, fisherman,...

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How To Avoid Being Left Stranded

February 4, 2013 Something about the Texas weather just zaps a cars battery. It could be the 50 degree variances in temperature over a 24 hour period, but I’m no scientist. (Case in point: On...

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Amazon Kindle: My thoughts after a year

January 21, 2013 I have had my Kindle Fire for a little over a year and I felt that enough time had passed that a review was in order. From the standpoint of an average reader, I’d have to say that...

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Cooking On A Budget

January 17, 2013 If your looking for a stove, pot and other utensils on a budget for your “bug out bag “ (BOB), then you might be interested in some of the items I have been using. I have been searching...

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When A Bandage Won’t Cut It

January 14, 2013 I do a lot of work with my hands, which means I have had my fair share of scrapes and cuts. It doesn’t matter if you spend your day typing or rebuilding engines, even the smallest cut on...

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CRKT Guppie: Big Catch or Fish Out Of Water?

January 10, 2013 A little while ago, I did a review on a little pocket tool called the Gerber Shard, and was left a bit unsatisfied with it. Read the original article   Apparently someone was listening...

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Portable Potable Aqua

November 26, 2012 Water, you can never get enough of it. It surrounds us but most of it will make you violently ill if you try to drink it.  Luckily we’ve been able to come up with some pretty ingenious...

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Survival Pellet Gun?

November 12, 2012 My father in law sent me a link to a site a while back that showed a man taking down a full grown hog using only a pellet gun.  I thought, “this can’t be real…” how can something...

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Crovel: The ultimate entrenching tool

November 5, 2012 I had the opportunity to attend the 2012 Survival Expo in Las Vegas.  The show as a whole was a bit of a letdown.  There were five different beef jerky vendors and even a person selling...

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