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August 20, 2019 / Comments (9)

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You might think girls and guns a bad mix but considering a concealed carry gun for women is essential than most people know.

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  1. A Must for Her to Learn Self-Defense
  2. The Right Handgun
  3. Considering a Revolver
  4. The Appropriate Caliber

Concealed Carry Gun for Women | Why Is It Important

A Must for Her to Learn Self-Defense

Buying a concealed carry gun for the ladies in our lives is an important task. We love our wives too much to let them become the next victim of mindless crime.

And, I have to admit that even though I’ve been around guns for a long time, I don’t know the first thing about buying a concealed carry gun for a woman.


So one day, I asked for help. It was the day after my wife looked at the television in awe as people were getting beaten near the point of death just because they held different views or their skin was a different color.

In my own humble opinion, people should not be beaten to a bloody pulp just because they are different. But that isn’t the point of this article.

The point is she was now ready to learn how to defend herself with a gun. Clearly, I’m not a subject matter expert because I’m not a woman.

However, during my process to find a weapon for her, I spoke to several ladies who are experts in firearms. Each one works in the firearms industry in one form or another.

While each lady had a slightly different take on what was needed, they all agreed on a few very important points. The following text is a summary of what they said, in my own words:

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The Right Handgun

Under no circumstances should you ever buy a gun for your wife, unless you want to keep it for yourself. Chances are good that she will just turn around and go buy one that she does like later on.

Generally speaking, hands that belong to the better-looking half of the human species are smaller in frame size. They need a gun that is properly sized.

So, instead of going to the store and buying her a gun, take her to the store with you to try them on. She’ll want to see how each one feels in her hand to make sure it is comfortable.

If the store you’re at has a range that allows you to shoot any guns before purchase, this is even better.

Make sure she is able to run the gun through the functions. If it is a semi-auto pistol, make sure she can pull the slide back, deactivate the manual safety (if so equipped), and line up the sights.

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Considering a Revolver

A first-time shooter usually has an easier time with a revolver. However, mastering one can be more difficult than a semi-auto.

Either way, make sure she has plenty of range time with whatever gun she decides to buy so she becomes proficient with it as quickly as possible.

As a side rant, nothing perks my anger quite like someone who buys a gun and never brings it to the range. How do you even know if the thing goes bang when you squeeze the trigger?

Anyway, I digress…

Generally speaking, it is also a good idea to know which features you want the gun to have. For example, does she need a gun with a safety on it?

Revolvers don’t usually have a mechanical safety, per se. But, they do have a mile-long trigger pull that helps keep the gun honest when you go to re-holster it.

The Appropriate Caliber

Finally, choosing a caliber is one of the most important aspects of buying a gun. I always hear gun “experts” say that if it doesn’t start with a .4, it is a waste of time.

Truth be told, the best size projectile to choose is one you can safely hit your target with more than once.

In other words, having a .45 ACP is great, but if you miss your first shot, you’ll likely miss the consecutive ones as well because of the snappy recoil.

The best bet in choosing caliber size is to try a few different ones out, and see which one she is the most comfortable with. If all she can safely handle is a .32 H&R Magnum, it’s better than nothing.

Most bad guys (though definitely not all) will take a look at the gun your wife brandishes and run like crazy regardless of the caliber. The simple fact remains, getting shot is not on anyone’s bucket list.

Obviously, though, should she ever feel the need to pull her weapon out in self-defense, she should be ready to use it, and not just hope the coward runs away.

Watch this video from God, Family, and Guns as they share their top picks for women’s concealed carry gun:

The main takeaway from this is we need to have the lady in our life pick out her own gun. If they (God forbid) choose the pink Chic Lady from Charter Arms, so be it.

All that’s important is she’s capable of defending herself should that need ever arise.

What do you think about buying a concealed carry gun for women? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 19, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

9 Responses to :
Buying A Concealed Carry Gun For A Woman | The Right Way

  1. DEFENDER88 says:

    Perhaps more important is get some professional instruction for her.

    At least to start with.

    Often husbands trying to teach a wife to shoot does not turn out well.

    Not to mention 90% of the men I see in CC classes don’t know how to properly grip a gun while shooting.
    And other shooting fundamentals.

    And don’t know how to emphasize the 4 important safety and handling rules.

    Fact is, it is usually a dangerous and mostly erroneous endeavor – untrained husband teaching wife.

  2. USCBIKER says:

    A compact .380 (aka mouse gun) will fit most ladies’ smaller hands and do a pretty good job of discouraging vermin, especially with 2-3 rounds in the center of mass.

  3. Ashley Bogan says:

    I find it a bit irksome that you assume that men are the ones taking the responsibility of making sure we are armed. Some of us ladies realize how dangerous this world is and know we need to protect ourselves.
    That rant aside, I completely agree with the point you make about taking a new gun to the range as soon as possible to be sure it goes bang. Case in point, my brand new Taurus P22 decided to be picky about the ammo I was putting through it and kept misfiring and jamming. Needless to say I am going to trust my Shield9 as my concealed carry weapon.
    Another point I want to bring up is about holsters. In the winter when we can cover up with a coat and not worry about printing, keeping your gun completely hidden is no big problem. However, in warmer months we may need several options for holsters, depending on what outfit we wear. Whether it is a lower back holster, a Flashbang, or even a purse holster. PRACTICE WITH YOUR HOLSTER AS MUCH AS YOU PRACTISE WITH YOUR GUN.

    1. Amanda says:

      This entire article is cringe worthy. Give her the power to protect herself. The end.
      This is written as if a man regards his wife as nothing more than a child.

  4. Yang Jackson says:

    Many people tell women to start with a small .380. That’s terrible advice. They are some of the snappiest guns on the market a with such a short recoil spring, the slide is generally to stiff for many woman to cycle. Two of my friends bought their wives these types of guns and their wives have gone to the range with those guns one time and never again. I brought my girl to the range and let her try out a few of my pistols. The only one she was comfortable with was my Ruger Mark III. So now she has a nice little eight shot .22 mag wheel gun. And she’s dead balls accurate with it. Anyone who says it’s not enough bullet for self defense, are you willing to stand in front of the muzzle?

  5. Yang Jackson says:

    Btw, you should prob find a picture to use for your article where the woman is properly holding her firearm. This chick has no idea what she’s doing. Looks like she’s gonna use bothe index fingers to pull the trigger and that slide is gonna take her thumb off…SMH. what a joke

  6. Mikial says:

    A decent article, but it does seem to paint all women with the same brush.

    My wife loves to shoot and her two favorite guns are her Beretta 92 and her 1911 Government Model. She also enjoys our Ruger target pistol and has shot most of our other guns such as Desert eagles, ARs, AKs, and my various Glocks.

    Not all women are gun newbs.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your informative and entertaining article. I’m 62 . After me living 40 years in the city, mom and dad donated 10 acres in rural Louisiana where everyone seems to have a gun. I will get on board, too.

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