Counter-Protestor Assaults Trump Supporter, Has Gun Pulled on Him

Counter-Protestor Assaults Trump Supporter, Has Gun Pulled on Him

Over the weekend, a counter-protestor assaulted a Trump supporter, which led to him pulling his gun. Here's what we know so far.

Is It Self-Defense? Or an Act of Violence?

A group of Trump supporters gathered in Woodinville, Washington state on Saturday afternoon, where they were soon met with opposition from counter-protestors across the street.

After one man was assaulted, he pulled out a gun in apparent self-defense.

Woodinville Police Chief Katie Larson told Q13 Fox Seattle that a man threw a bucket with five gallons of an unknown liquid.

And then threw the bucket itself onto the man with the gun – an action that she said is an assault.

The man who was assaulted was wearing a pro-Trump baseball cap and complained that his eyes were burning.

He was examined on the scene by firefighters.

Officers have thus far been unable to determine what the liquid was that was thrown onto the man.

The bucket appeared to be holding water tainted with mud or tobacco juice.

It's Just Water!

In a video captured of the incident, one of the pro-Biden supporters yells: “It's water, you snowflake.”

The video also shows the young man pulling out a handgun and pointing it towards the counter-protestors before being quickly pulled away by a woman holding him by the arm.

Both groups continued to shout expletives at each other, and the gun was almost immediately lowered.

Even as the man retreated after being assaulted, the pro-Biden counter-protestors continued to advance and scream in the faces of the pro-Trump attendees.

The mainstream media is continuing to report on the incident as, “A man wearing a Donald Trump cap was caught on camera pulling out a gun and pointing it towards rival protesters during a political demonstration in Woodinville, Washington state on the weekend.” Mentions of the prior assault leading to the gun being brandished are held until the end of the articles.

Different Stories, Different Sides

The anti-Trump counter-protestors were all aged 16-20 years old and gathered on both neighboring street corners to the Trump supporters. they began to taunt the Trump supporters and advance towards them, as one attendee, 19-year-old Lanna Garcia, shot video footage.

Garcia immediately took the position of the victim in the situation, which was instigated and escalated by anti-Trump counter-protestors: “To come up to people who were not even involved—with a gun loaded and cocked—while I'm recording you in broad daylight while there are cars passing and we're saying he has a gun, just the audacity of this man is incredible.”

There has been no information released on if the gun was loaded or if the safety was on.

Sergeant Ryan Abbott told The Seattle Times that there were about 15 people involved in the incident. He told the newspaper: “There's a lot of different stories [and] we're trying to figure out what happened.”

Officers have spoken with witnesses from both sides and are sourcing surveillance footage from nearby buildings.

The incident is still under investigation. As of Sunday, no arrests had been reported or charges filed.

Once again, it is pro-Biden supporters who are instigating violent incidents and then running scared when they are challenged on their own level.

It is open season for attacking Conservatives and accusing them of atrocities. If you openly support President Trump, prepare yourself for assault and defamation.

What do you think or feel about the news? Do you think this will affect gun laws again? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Counter-Protestor Assaults Trump Supporter, Has Gun Pulled on Him

  1. Kenny says:

    Always pack when out among the Socialist trash.

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      Exactly! I mean listen to her! #SMH

  2. Anonymous says:

    The lowlife throwing the bucket is the perp in this scenario. Quite plan and Simple! Case closed !

  3. Erich Goodkin says:

    What these “kids” really need is a good old-fashioned spanking. And their parents also.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Call social services – you defunded the police. And the irony of the socialists calling someone a snowflake.

  5. Eddie Lopez says:

    what’s your name, what’s your name, what’s your name, what’s your name, what’s you name.

  6. henryj says:

    Just shoot all these worthless pieces of shit! They are of no value whatsoever! None.

  7. Thomas says:

    Throw the bucket back then see if they respond .

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    I would have had to retaliate with some sh** in a bucket lmao

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    Time to really start walking all over the Socialist maggots.

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