3 Reasons Why You Need A Fireproof Safe For Your Gun

open gun safe | 3 Reasons Why You Need A Fireproof Safe For Your Gun

Spending a good amount of money on a solid gun safe is always a smart investment. But as you look around for the best safe for your needs, you might wonder if it's worthwhile to get a fireproof safe as opposed to a regular one. Let's discuss why it's a smart investment here.

Is a Fireproof Safe For Your Guns Worth It?

A fireproof safe is often significantly more expensive than the alternative, so you're probably looking for some good reasons to splurge. Below are the reasons why it's better to go with a fireproof one than a regular one.

1. They Protect You in the Event of a Fire

For starters, fireproof gun safes are mostly there to protect your guns from theft or from fire damage.

But they can serve an additional purpose by protecting you in the event of a fire. What do we mean by this?

Think about what happens when bullets, primers, or other explosive materials are subjected to high heat. It's not a trick question: they explode.

With a regular gun safe, the walls might allow enough heat into the interior to ignite the primers in your bullets.

It only takes one bullet exploding to start a chain reaction inside the safe.

Now, it's not likely that all your firearms and bullets will explode together.

But there's always the chance that a bullet or shrapnel from a bullet could explode in just the right way and hurt someone.

In effect, fireproof gun safes make it less likely (and usually impossible) for bullets to ignite in the event of a house fire.

This is safer for you, your family, and for the firefighters who might be excavating the safe later.

2. They Save Your Guns From Heat Damage


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Of course, arguably the biggest and most obvious benefit that fireproof gun safes bring to the table is protection for your firearms against incredible heat damage.

Many modern firearms are pretty durable, but even the toughest Glock won’t be able to hold up long against the heat of a typical house fire.

According to official sources, house fires can easily reach up to 600° at eye level.

This temperature can go even higher depending on how long the blaze has been burning and how “burnable” your house is.

Fireproof gun safes are some of the only places rated to withstand this kind of extreme heat. They’ll prevent your weapons from melting or otherwise breaking beyond repair.

This can easily save you up to thousands of dollars. When you’ll already be shelling out thousands to repair other things, this can be a lifesaver.

3. They’re Dual-Purpose

Fireproof gun safes can protect more than just you and your firearms: they can also protect your other valuables from the flames.

Regular gun safes can also provide general theft protection but not against the incredible heat that fires can bring to bear on your important documents, precious family heirlooms, and other items that might be vulnerable to fire damage.

Placing some of your most important items in your fireproof gun safe will virtually ensure that they won’t suffer any fire damage if your home ignites.

They also won’t be harmed by the aforementioned possibility of bullets igniting when they are subjected to high heat.

All in all, there are few places better to store valuable things like documents, licenses, and treasured pictures than a fireproof gun safe.



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All in all, fireproof gun safes are simply better choices than their regular counterparts.

They provide more benefits, additional protection for you and your family, and are sturdier fortresses against the destructive forces of a typical house fire.

While a house fire can be devastating, a fireproof gun safe is almost certain to make things more manageable.

Do you prefer a fireproof safe than the regular ones? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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