NSSF Learn to Shoot Series: A Great Way to Master Marksmanship

NSSF’s Learn to Shoot Series: A Great Way to Master Marksmanship

Do you like to improve and work on your marksmanship? You're in luck! The NSSF Learn to Shoot series got your back!

The NSSF Learn to Shoot Series: Is It Worth Watching?

Firearm education and instruction are extremely important.

Any hunter worth his or her salt will emphasize the fact that a tool.

And especially a tool as powerful as a gun is only worthwhile in experienced hands.

To that end, we’re pleased to see that the National Shooting Sports Foundation has recently come out with a collection of instructional videos called the “Learn to Shoot” Series.

Why Gun Safety is Important

Gun safety is more than just an optional part of the discipline to learn in your spare time.

It’s a cornerstone skillset that every responsible firearm owner must memorize if they want to use their guns appropriately and consistently.

However, far too few people take the time to adequately learn gun safety unless they are professionals or sportsmen.

Indeed, hunters are among the most gun-safe people in America, even though they use guns far more frequently than most.

Gun safety is important not only for your security but for that of your friends and family.

Even taking a firearm to the gun range isn’t safe if everyone handling the firearms isn’t on the same safety page.

Considering that over 5 million 1st time gun owners bought their first firearm in 2020 alone, it’s clear that the gap between firearm safety and technical knowledge and actual owners is widening.

Since it’s likely that firearm purchasing trends are only going to go up instead of slow down, accurate and reliable gun education is more necessary than ever before.

Additionally, learning to shoot safely is the best way to counter liberal political discourse that emphasizes gun violence and seeks to paint gun users as irresponsible adrenaline junkies.

To this end, educational materials like the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s “Learn to Shoot” series are valuable additions to a firearm hobbyist’s collection.

The NSSF Series – What Does It Accomplish?

The NSSF Learn to Shoot Series is a collection of over a dozen instructional videos that provide instruction, accessibility, and context for new shooters.

It offers a rundown of basic firearm operation, gun safety rules and ideas, and even a video breaking down frequent gun terms so that viewers can understand the entire production from start to finish.

The idea, according to the NSSF, is to provide safe and reliable instruction during this time of social distancing.

While it’s true that the Learn to Shoot Series isn’t a full replacement for a day at the range with an experienced firearm instructor, it’s still a lot better than attempting to use a firearm without any education whatsoever.

The over a dozen segments should best be viewed together so that a new firearm user fully understands how and when to use their gun correctly.

How to Best Use These Videos

In a perfect world, these firearm instructional videos will help new firearm users to understand the lessons they get at a physical range.

Think of them as homework or additional assignments to help cement the ideas learned in the field in the brain after you’ve already gone home.

Since social distancing is still in effect in many states across America, people can also use these as foundational lessons to prepare them for their time at the range once restrictions are lifted.

The Learn to Shoot Series is relatively in-depth without becoming overwhelming, even for those without a lot of firearm experience at the moment.

Ultimately, new firearm owners would be wise to review all of the videos in the Learn to Shoot Series before attempting to shoot on any gun range.

They offer a great starting point for those who have never learned to shoot before and can make firing a weapon less intimidating.

What do you think of the NSSF Learn to Shoot series? We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments section!

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