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Whether you are looking for storage or a concealed carry option, a pistol case does a great job keeping your handguns out of sight while making it extremely easy to carry them from one place to another especially if you don't like holsters.

Check out this lineup of the five best in the market today.

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The Only Pistol Case Guide You Will Need in 2022

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1. M&P by Smith & Wesson Defender Handgun Case

What better way to always be prepared than with this minimalistic pistol case by Smith & Wesson. The handgun case features a slim design with one pocket and can be easily packed in a bag or put in small spaces like the glove compartment of your car.

This is however not to say that its 16x9x1.5 inch dimensions are not big enough to hold a full-sized handgun without compromising portability. As far as durability goes, you do not have to worry as the pistol case is made of ballistic fabric that is equipped to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Thanks to its full length and oversized zipper, you can rely on quick and easy access which is what every gun owner wants especially in a self-defense situation. Lastly, the pistol case comes in two other different sizes to suit all your concealed carry needs.


  • It's designed with high-quality material for durability
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Is highly affordable


  • Its not as thick padded as other pistol cases

2. Condition 1 Hard Plastic Pistol Gun Case

Being a firearm owner, especially a pistol, comes with the responsibility of keeping it safe and away from others at home or while traveling to prevent scuffs and scratches.

Its 14-inch frame paired with a grab-and-go handle makes it effortless to transport your pistols in your vehicle or easily accessible when stored away at home. What’s more, its compact design is designed to hold a scoped handgun or two pistols.

That’s not all. This economical pistol case is water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean that it can be fully submerged as it does not have an O-Ring. It therefore can resist damage from rain, water spills, moisture, and mist to the barrel or patina.

These water-resistant properties pair well with the two layers of soft foam in the hard-plastic pistol case to protect pistols from damage and sudden impact. Don’t forget that the hard shell casing is impact-proof and flexible.

Though the easy-snap latches are enough to keep your handguns safe, you can easily fit a cable lock or small padlock through the holes on either end to completely block unauthorized access. Lastly, you can customize it to fit your needs seeing that it is compatible with most subcompact pistol calibers like 308, 1911, .45, 9mm, and 40.


  • It is made with high-quality material
  • Has a great neutral color
  • It is lockable


  • It might not fit many guns at a go

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3. My Case Builder Doro Gun Case

Why settle for good enough when you can have the best pistol case for your handguns? This Doro gun case features a military-grade polyethylene foam that is fairly dense with exceptional shock absorption to guarantee adequate safety.

Besides being moderately pliable, the polyethylene foam is oil and chemical resistant making it easy to clean, not to mention it is anti-static. All in all, handgun protection doesn’t get better than this.

Even with enough space for five pistols and 18 magazine clips, the pistol case is lightweight enough to easily transport. The icing on the top is an IP67 rating that guarantees heavy-duty performance whether you are traveling, using it for storage, or taking it to your shooting range.


    • Comes with a sturdy build
    • It seals perfectly
    • Has snug fitting that guarantees safety


  • It might be too small for some handguns

4. Case Club Waterproof Pistol Case

Besides impact, moisture is another fact to consider when buying a pistol case as it is equally capable of damaging your handguns. Luckily, you do not have to fret about that as this pistol case by Case Club is specially designed with a rechargeable moisture-absorbing silica gel canister to help prevent gun rust.

But that’s not even the best part. You can effortlessly convert the pistol case from a three pistol and accessory case to a three pistol version with increased magazine capacity by adding the provided magazine modules. For instance, adding one module increases magazine capacity to 17 while adding all two modules increases the capacity to 23. With this, you get a dual operation design with the different configurations for the price of one pistol case.

What’s more, the pistol case can easily hold compact, full-size, and subcompact handguns with reflex sights or under-barrel attachments. This is thanks to built-in length and height adjustment blocks to allow further customization to guarantee that even the smallest subcompact handgun fits as tightly as full-sized ones.


  • It comes with an increased magazine capacity
  • Features a rugged design
  • It is affordably priced


  • Might be a little bulky


5. Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case

Your handguns don't feel any safer and secure than with the Eylar Tactical hard gun case. It allows you to further protect any valuables in it by adding quarter-inch padlocks to the already featured quarter-inch padlock hasps.

It doesn't end there. The handgun case also comes with a pressure equalization valve that opens to allow captured air pressure to equalize especially when traveling in changing altitudes.

As far as foam padding goes, the case features a bottom liner layer, an egg-tray layer, and two customizable cube layers for maximum cushioning.


  • It is fairly priced
  • Easily customizable
  • Is highly secure


  • Some locks might not work well with the case

There you go, fellow gun owners. While all these top-rated pistols cases are designed to work differently, you can rest assured that you can never go wrong with either of them. The best part has to be that almost every model here is available in several variations to best suit the number of handguns you have.  All in all, you will be getting the ultimate value for your money with any of these pistol cases.

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