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July 24, 2023 / Comments (5)

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Are you considering adding the Star BM 9mm pistol to concealed carry arsenal? Here is a detailed overview of this classic so you can make a more informed decision.

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Everything You Need to Know about about the Star BM 9mm Pistol


The action of recoiling Star bm 9mm SS

Unlike today's stock that's filled with polymer and alloy framed handguns, the Star Bm 9mm is an all-steel pistol weighing in at 35 ounces. This weight is a little uncommon with most concealed carry pistols, as you will have to find a customized holster and belt to carry it. The best part, however, is that you do not have to worry about recoil.


17HMR and .308 Ammunition on board Star bm 9mm SS

Unlike the previous Colt 1911 variations that were chambered in .38 Auto and 9mm Largo, the Star BM 9mm is available in a 9mm Parabellum that is more popular and readily available.


Custom Handgun on table profile with red dot sight Star bm 9mm SS

This piece features a relatively broad front sight that is easy to see Post. And a rear sight that is a square notch that you can easily drift to adjust windage when you are zeroing. All in all, acquiring a clear sight picture is not a problem.

Note: Depending on when your gun was made, you will notice that the front sight changed to a more serrated ramp.


Person holding black semi automatic pistol Star bm 9mm PX

Though the Star bm 9mm has an overall length of 7.2 inches, it features a 3.77- inch barrel, boasts a 1.2-inches width, and is 5-inches in height.

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Person holding green and black lighter Star bm 9mm PX

The Star BM 9mm feeds from a robust 8-round steel detachable box magazine. Keep in mind that most secondary market pieces come with one magazine. Therefore, unless you are content with slowly shooting 8+1 rounds, you will need to invest in additional magazines.


  • Additional magazines are a bit hard to source at this time
  • Also, keep in mind that the magazines on your piece might not drop free due to magazine safety


Man person people street Star bm 9mm PX

What's more, the BM comes with a single-action trigger that can be somewhat heavy at 5.5 pounds but has zero creep and breaks cleanly. This makes it very consistent.


Gold and silver click pen on black textile Star bm 9mm PX

Most 1911-style pistols from the BM's era are known to have issues with JHP ammo, and the Star BM 9mm is no different. You are bound to experience such problems with some ammunition like the Tula steel caseload, as 25-30% of the time, the cases of this load will not fully extract.

Note: Besides this one, most of the others will feed and function without any issues.

Other Features

9 mm pistol gun bullets and magazine Star bm 9mm SS

The Star BM 9mm comes with a locked breech operating system with Browning's swinging link. Consequently, its 3.7-inch barrel features two locking lugs which mate with the recesses in the slide.

Though it retains a removable barrel bushing – similar to the Colt, it has a different recoil spring assembly. It sports a recoil spring with a full-length steel guide rod that is a nice upgrade from the Colt.

Another outstanding feature is its improved extractor. It is a beefy piece that is visible on the right side of the slide. The tang of its frame prevents hammer bite, so you shouldn't worry about that. Though the safety is also slightly different from the Colt 1911, it is similarly placed and equally easy to manipulate. However, its slide catch and magazine release are set similar to 1911 and are easy to reach.

What this video by sootch00 on star model BM 9mm budget surplus pistol:

There you have it, fellow gun enthusiasts. The Star BM 9mm is a surplus handgun, and like with all surplus firearms; some have seen heavier use while others have only been used a little and better care. Either way, you will have to be open to replace some parts that may need replacing or fixing. But, all in all, the Star BM 9mm is undoubtedly a good value that you should consider adding to your correction.

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Star BM 9mm Pistol Review

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