Great Smoky Mountains Camping | Survival Life National Park Series

October 2, 2015 Thinking about a Great Smoky Mountains National Park camping trip? What are you waiting for? There is not question that the Great Smoky Mountains is the most popular national park in the...

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October 2, 2015 / Comments (7)

Arches National Park Camping | Survival Life National Park Series

September 25, 2015 Thinking about an Arches National Park camping trip? What are you waiting for? If you're sick and tired of the concrete jungle or your regular lawn and backyard, then a trip to Arches...

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September 25, 2015 / Comments (10)

39 Hilarious Camping Fails

September 1, 2015 In honor of the upcoming Labor Day weekend, we thought we'd share some of our favorite outdoor and camping fails. Even the most experienced and expert outdoorsman makes mistakes...

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September 1, 2015 / Comments (4)

Joshua Tree Camping | Survival Life National Park Series

August 26, 2015 Thinking about a Joshua Tree camping trip? What are you waiting for? Joshua Tree is one of the most popular and beautiful national parks in the US. Located just a few hours from San...

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August 26, 2015 / Comments (1)

How To Start A Fire With a 9V Battery

August 19, 2015 Want to learn how to start a fire with a method that will work every time without fail? Check out this tutorial from “Above Average” Joe and Survival Life. How to Start a Fire...

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August 19, 2015 / Comments (14)

Primitive Survival Skills: Foraging for Food and Water

February 27, 2015 Foraging for food is one of the most vital survival skills anyone can learn. No matter where you are, whether you bug out intentionally or get stranded in the wilderness, you'll need to eat...

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February 27, 2015 / Comments (16)

Camping Hacks 2: Outdoor Dining

December 29, 2014 The key to a successful family camping trip is getting your meals organized in advance. Even if you only have a campfire or camp stove to work with, there’s no reason your family...

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December 29, 2014 / Comments (11)

Survival Skills and Hobbies That Can Save Your Life

November 14, 2014 I am a survivor! Thanks to my survival skills, I have survived having a car engine fall on my leg while I was alone outside in the middle of a Northern Illinois Winter. I have survived...

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November 14, 2014 / Comments (14)

Family Camping Tips | Roughing It With The Kids

June 26, 2014 Many things could be said about camping with children. In my family, we don’t like to camp in a trailer, because, really, that is how a lot of people live regularly. It...

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June 26, 2014 / Comments (10)

Clean Camping Gear and Tips | Campsite Hygiene Hacks

May 12, 2014 Camping gear can really enhance your outdoor experience. We've made a list of camping supplies that will help you combat the uncomfortable dirtiness that can come along with being off...

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May 12, 2014 / Comments (14)


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