Top 5 Guns for When The Man Comes

When The Man comes, will you be ready?  What do you need most to defend yourself from the powers that be? What guns are best for this situation?

Top 5 Guns For The Absolute Worst Situations

Check out this video to learn about the top 5 guns for when The Man comes to get you!

*Disclaimer* This video is satire.  It is not meant to be taken seriously.

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10 Responses to :
Top 5 Guns for When The Man Comes

  1. finebldr0 says:

    very entertaining…and informative

  2. Timothy Mcphillips says:

    from what I hear most cops will toss the badge if told to round up guns. my arsenal would be to double .308 .45acp, and 12ga. if your gun quits in shtf you wont get another easily. a .22lr will be a good edition for small game and a bow or crossbow would be great for deer or taking out a trespasser without revealing your position. you might want to rename this, “the guns you want when the man wont come”

  3. mortimer snerd says:

    5 guns that make men cum.

  4. Henry Servatt says:

    Gentlemen, thank you for the presentation. It has pushed out my vision as far as what is available to today’s shooters. As an old (72+) curmudgeon, I like what I see here, though I have been blindered by my collection of old, but still useful, firearms tech. Sure do wish I had more moolah to invest in some the stuff you showed here. But, keep the vids coming… one day, ya know, ya never know. 🙂

  5. Jim says:

    What’s really stupid is some of the vain attempts at humor these rednecks employ…. Boring and stupid, almost unwatchable. Just report your findings / opinions, and stop trying to be a comedian…

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