Police Officers Across The Nation Limit Responses To 911 Calls, Making Gun Ownership A Priority Again

Police Officers Across The Nation Limit Responses To 911 Calls, Making Gun Ownership A Priority Again

As the number of coronavirus cases in the United States rises, police officers are finding themselves especially likely to contract the virus.

In response to their high exposure potential, many cities are limiting the types of 911 calls they will respond to in person.

Why Is the Police Limiting Responses to 911 Calls

“Life-Threatening” Calls Take Priority

Police officers are reserving the right to make “life-threatening” calls their priority.

Cities from Portland to Cincinnati to Louisville have downgraded offenses like:

  • breaking and entering
  • public intoxication
  • dog bites
  • harassment to “phone in” status

There are also online forms available to report lower-level crimes.

In incidents where a suspect is no longer present, a firearm has not been used, or the likelihood of an arrest is low, police departments are choosing to limit their officers’ exposure to the public and not dispatch officers to the scene.

Without the police to protect citizens from burglaries, it is up to the American public to protect their property.

While 2A supporters have always willingly taken this responsibility as their own, many Americans may find out just why so many are willing to fight for their right to bear arms. And yes, protecting your shed or garage from burglary is just one of the reasons.

A Can of Worms Has Been Opened

By diminishing police response to 911 calls, cities are opening the door for crime rates to skyrocket. While the average American may be concerned with minor offenses, the critical thinkers will see the real problem here—all of the information is not always available when a 911 call is made.

In the midst of your garage being burglarized, can you know for certain if a weapon is present?

Can you determine the intentions of the burglar if he will next enter your home or attack your family?

Can you ever be sure that the suspect has fled the scene if there are no ramifications for them returning?

Furthermore, by allowing the police to make a subjective determination on what type of crime requires attention, Americans are at the mercy of the staff on duty.

Are officers about to end their shifts and prefer not to attend to one more call? Will answering 911 calls from less desirable neighborhoods be less frequent?

Gun Control Amid a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought attention to 2nd Amendment issues across the country.

Firearm and ammunition sales surged up to 300% above sales in the same month in 2019, as many first-time gun owners readied themselves for what could come if store shelves did not restock.

As states and municipalities issued “shelter in place” directives, it sparked the debate about whether gun stores fell into the category of “essential” businesses.

Gun control legislation is still being drafted and voted on in the midst of national panic. This gives legislators a chance to push bills through while the public is distracted.

Now, with the local police off the hook for any crime not deemed life-threatening, Americans are once again the only ones responsible for defending themselves and their property.

If you didn’t previously own a gun, you may want to consider buying one. As the country further shuts down, you will be responsible for yourself more than ever before.


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Police Officers Across The Nation Limit Responses To 911 Calls, Making Gun Ownership A Priority Again

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