Lever Action Rifle | 7 Awesome Reasons Why You Need One

Lever action rifle that on autumn | 7 Reasons You Need A Lever Action Rifle | Featured

November 11, 2021 / Comments (7)

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The lever action rifle is undoubtedly the most iconic gun ever made. It features a classic style and is efficient for pursuits ranging from small game hunting to deer hunting. Along with this, you get commendable firepower with quick follow-up shots.

Here are more reasons why you need this rifle in your arsenal.

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7 Surefire Reasons to Get Yourself a Lever Action Rifle

Wild west gun - lever-action repeating rifle | Lever Action Rifle

1. Versatility

As far as versatility goes, you can count on any lever-action rifle to deliver more than just a bunch of barrel lengths and calibers. It offers a lot more to offer when it comes to usages, such as hunting, competition, and home defense.

For instance, a 30-30 chambered lever-action rifle, like the Winchester 1894, makes an excellent home defense, truck gun, or hunting rifle. On the other hand, lightweight lever actions with a higher caliber will make the perfect piece for anyone looking for the ultimate ranching rifle.

In contrast, go for a model with a lighter caliber and a longer barrel if you are looking for a competition rifle. This is because you get more capacity with a longer barrel which undoubtedly comes in handy in competitions.

Note: Lever action rifles also make great target guns, and a .357 chambered one like the Big Boy Carbine by Henry isn't a wrong choice.

2. Flexible Ammunition Uptake

Handguns like revolvers are known to do this mainly because they are chambered in various calibers, but that does not exempt rifles. For instance, a lever-action rifle like the Winchester 1873 Competition Carbine is chambered in .357 magnum and effectively shoots .38 special.

This way, hunting or target shooting doesn't have to stop because there is a .357 magnum ammo shortage since you can easily switch to the .38 special. This is the same case with the .44 magnum and the .44 special.

That's not all. Lever action rifles come in all sorts of calibers from the 30-30, which can be exceptionally accurate within 200 yards when deer hunting. Aside from 30-30, you also have the option of the .308 Winchester, which is also a commendable caliber.

3. Minimalistic Profile

Unlike AKs and AR-15s, which are naturally thick and bulkier when loaded, lever-action rifles have a more minimalistic design that doesn't compromise capacity and caliber, making them easier to handle and store even when fully loaded. As a result, it is easy to keep out of sight, especially when outdoor, and still have it ready for should you need to, making it an excellent choice for a truck gun.

4. It Is Legal in Many States

Unlike AR-15s, AK, or M1s, lever-action rifles are pretty acceptable and are legal in most if not all states, even the ones with a ban on M1s, AR-15s, and AKs. This could partly have something to do with the vintage nature that prevents them from being perceived as assault rifles.

As a result, it is a practical long gun companion for self or home defense in high crime areas. Or carry when traveling, especially if you are in a place where bears and other wild animals roam freely. This also means you don't have to worry about selling your rifles when permanently moving to other states.

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5. Viability

Even with their old design, lever-action rifles are still viable. While they are enjoyable to shoot, they can also deliver lethal threat-stopping shots. For instance, a lever-action gun can hold up to 14 rounds of the .357 magnum, which you can shoot fast enough to hit a target or stop a threat.

What's more, lever-action rifles have a single action trigger making them relatively easy and accurate to shoot. Of course, fanning the lever needs a little getting used to, but you'll get there with some practice.

While a .357 magnum shot from a 16 or 20-inch barrel can be lethal, it is nothing compared to the more powerful 30-30 that can handle practically any shooting need you might have.

That's not all as far as the lever-action rifle's viability goes. Some, like the Marlin 1894 Dark Series rifle, are specifically designed for home defense. Most of these models may feature optic mounts for increased accuracy, not to mention Picatinny and M Lok rails for all accessories to sufficiently defend your home.

Note: Most of these home defense models might be challenging to come across unless you are looking for used ones.

6. Stylish Exterior

Besides having great functionality, lever-action rifles have stylish looks, which are quite a catchy bonus. Their seamless features are part of why they have featured in numerous Western movies like the Rifleman TV show, among others.

The best part is that most lever-action rifle models are affordable and also double as outstanding wall pieces when not in use. Another advantage with the rifle's great look is that it doesn't look as intimidating as many assault rifles should you find yourself in front of a jury for legal issues.

7. Improved Accuracy

The fact that you need to fan or slap the lever on a lever-action rifle after every shot brings all your attention to your next shot, making you a better and more accurate shooter. Think of it like learning how to drive – a manual vehicle impacts you more than an automatic vehicle would.

With only one shot per cycle, lever-action rifles work the same way, requiring you to aim at a target and employ the proper trigger control and fundamentals to hit it. The catch is that they are fast, making them a lot more fun once you learn how to operate them.

Bonus Points:

  • Lever action rifles are a great way of expressing the cowboy heritage, which there is a little of in most Americans.
  • Most lever-action rifles are American by design, and what better mark of quality than a lever-action rifle that has been manufactured in the USA with high-quality products.
  • Lever action rifles with carbine configurations are extremely handy and compact, with enough capacities to handle most tasks at hand.
  • Most lever rifles chambered in powerful cartridges such as the 500 S&W or .348 Win offer commendable knock-down hits to bring most targets down when hunting.

There you go fellow lever-action lovers. There are already lots of things to love about lever action rifles and these seven points are a great addition to that list. All in all, lever actions are a worthwhile addition to your arsenal whether you are looking for a hunting, target, home  or self defense rifle.

Are you looking forward to owning a lever action rifle? Which quality stands out most for you?

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