True Stories of America's Defensive Gun Use: Convenience Store Edition.

December 1, 2015 Though you will never get someone who is anti-gun to admit it, guns do, in fact, save lives. Actually, defensive gun use is a daily occurrence here in America regardless of what other...

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December 1, 2015 / Comments (4)

Democrats Send Letter to Obama Urging Loophole Executive Order

November 23, 2015 Democrats are currently urging President Obama to use his authority to sign executive orders into place that would directly impact how often you could conduct private party transfers....

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November 23, 2015 / Comments (2)

San Diego: Gun Buyback Successfully Takes 400 "Mean Guns" Off the Streets

October 27, 2015 Another Day, another gun buyback program… This past weekend, San Diego collected almost 400 firearms in an effort to curb “gun violence.” According to Fox News (link at...

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A Rant About California’s Latest Gun Control Propositions

October 15, 2015 Every so often, new cringe worthy gun control measures roll downhill from the high and mighty politicians that have the privilege of serving the American public. As of late, California Lt....

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Milwaukee Gun Dealer to pay 6 Million Dollars to Injured Police

October 14, 2015 A jury ruled against the Milwaukee gun dealer known as Badger Guns to the tune of 6 million dollars in awarded damages. Just one month after a straw pistol purchase back in 2009, two police...

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Presidential Hopeful Plans to Give America Back Her Dream by Cutting Gun Violence

September 22, 2015 It's impossible. A day can't go by without some gun-grabbing nutjob making asinine statements about how to cut “gun violence” by half in under 10 years. But, that's not even...

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Self Defense Against a Mugger | What Would You Do? (Part 2)

September 10, 2015 Did you miss the first part of our story about self defense against a mugger? Check it out here! Then read the conclusion below and share your thoughts in the comments.   Where did the...

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Free America Readies for Battle as Social Security Administration Pushes to Take Away Guns

July 21, 2015 In an ever constant struggle with our 2nd Amendment rights, those in charge of our goobernment are willing to do whatever it takes to get that gun grabbing ball on the roll. It would seem...

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Concealed Carry vs. Open Carry

May 6, 2015 Open Carry and Concealed Carry have always been somewhat of a sensitive topic. So we want to give you some techniques, tips and options that may present you in a different light to the...

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