Why Hunt With a Brush Gun

October 28, 2016 There are many different animals and types of hunting that you can do, each one requiring different kinds of techniques and tools. For example, if you're hunting duck or other water fowl,...

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Shooter's Guide To Choosing The Best Self-Defense Cartridge

June 10, 2016 When it comes time for your first self-defense firearm, you have a multitude of different options to choose from. To be sure, there are many different self-defense cartridges available to...

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Increasing Your Accuracy with Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

May 24, 2016 Increasing Your Accuracy with Sonic Boom Exploding Targets Do you want to increase your rifle and pistol accuracy? Do you want more fun on the shooting range than just the same old paper...

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Stupid People with Guns: The Wrong Way to Clear a Malfunction

May 6, 2016 We are all about firearms education over here at Gun Carrier, which is one of the reasons why we post these videos for you to watch. The main point, is to prove that gun owners can never be...

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This Video Devastates Any Gun Control Argument

May 5, 2016 Here's a 20/20 video study from a couple of years ago that shows just how well gun-control works. Well, in fact, gun-control doesn't work as the video points out. According to the video,...

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Introducing Your Child To Guns The Right Way: Part 2

May 4, 2016 Click here for Part One of this article. Then, we'll pick back up right where we left off.  Go Rifle, Not Pistol: Why a rifle instead of a pistol? Well, learning proper firearms...

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The 2016 Think Of The Children IDPA Benefit Match

May 2, 2016 Doing Good and Having Fun: The 2016 Think of the Children IDPA Benefit Match Competitive shooting isn’t just about shooting a lot and trying to win bragging rights and prizes. One of...

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Why It's A Good Idea To Start Re-Loading Your Own Ammo

April 27, 2016 People blame guns for everything. “Oh man, an islamic terrorist shot up a Christmas party? We should ban guns.” It is never the nutjob's fault. If they don't blame the guns,...

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What the Terror Attacks Have Taught Us, And How to be Prepared

April 15, 2016 If there is anything that all of the terrorist attacks over the past several months have taught us, it's that terrorism still sucks and people need guns to defend themselves. Oh...

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Beginning Rifle: 5 Questions the New Shooter Must Ask Themselves First

April 13, 2016 If you're new to the realm of long guns, trying to figure out where to start can be hard. So, we've put together this short list of questions that you need to ask yourself to help point you...

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