The 2016 Think Of The Children IDPA Benefit Match

May 2, 2016 Doing Good and Having Fun: The 2016 Think of the Children IDPA Benefit Match Competitive shooting isn’t just about shooting a lot and trying to win bragging rights and prizes. One of...

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May 2, 2016 / Comments (4)

Why It's A Good Idea To Start Re-Loading Your Own Ammo

April 27, 2016 People blame guns for everything. “Oh man, an islamic terrorist shot up a Christmas party? We should ban guns.” It is never the nutjob’s fault. If they don’t blame...

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April 27, 2016 / Comments (5)

What the Terror Attacks Have Taught Us, And How to be Prepared

April 15, 2016 If there is anything that all of the terrorist attacks over the past several months have taught us, it’s that terrorism still sucks and people need guns to defend...

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April 15, 2016 / Comments (6)

Beginning Rifle: 5 Questions the New Shooter Must Ask Themselves First

April 13, 2016 If you’re new to the realm of long guns, trying to figure out where to start can be hard. So, we’ve put together this short list of questions that you need to ask yourself to...

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April 13, 2016 / Comments (1)

Firearm Safety: What You Need to Know About Rifle Backfire and How to Prevent it

April 7, 2016 There’s almost nothing more important for gun enthusiasts than firearm safety. It is something that we’re taught very early on in our lives as gun carriers, and is...

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April 7, 2016 / Comments (8)

Have You Ever Seen A 4200 Yard Shot?

April 4, 2016 Have you ever heard of a 4,210 yard shot before? Most people haven’t. Sadly, a lot of people can barely hit a target that’s 15 yards in front of them. But, every so often a...

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April 4, 2016 / Comments (1)

Safety Outtakes: Rule #4 | Be Aware of Your Target And What’s Around It

April 1, 2016 This fourth installment in our review of the Four Rules of Firearm Safety, with due credit to the late Col. Jeff Cooper, covers target environment. The focus, as usual in this series, is...

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April 1, 2016 / Comments (3)

A Bullet Proof Marshmallow Peep Vest

March 25, 2016 Have you ever wanted to see if Peeps were bullet proof? Me neither. But, just in time for Easter, Kirsten Joy Weiss decided to check whether or not a vest full of marshmallow Peeps were...

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March 25, 2016 / Comments (1)

How to Protect Your Hearing When Shooting

March 16, 2016 How to Protect Your Hearing When Shooting Practice Safe Shooting – Use Protection! Every hunter and shooter knows to practice proper gun safety in order to protect themselves and...

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March 16, 2016 / Comments (2)

Colorado Middle School Brings Guns And Safety Into Class

March 16, 2016 A bit of a concern for both pro-gun advocates and the gun-grabbers is whether or not children should have access to guns. After all, we constantly hear about the little boy or girl who has...

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March 16, 2016 / Comments (7)


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