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By now you've learned how to defend yourself with a weapon. That's the easy part. But what do you do when your attacker has a weapon but you don't? One thing's for sure: it requires quick thinking and action. But when your life is on the line, just about anything can be used as a weapon — even an ordinary stick you find lying on the ground. Knife attack defense is a great place to start practicing this principal.
Throughout the series, we’ll present you with original training techniques from coach Jeremy Pollack from Inner Warrior Coaching, who will cover knife defense, how to disarm a gun from a gunman, and how to use random items such as a belt or stick to defend yourself, and more.  Take hold of Coach Jeremy’s  20+ years as a Martial Arts instructor, and Don’t be a Victim! You can always find the ongoing series playlist here.

Episode 8 – Defend Yourself Against A Knife Attack With A Stick

Can you defend yourself against an armed attacker with nothing but a stick?
Learn these vital self-defense and offense techniques by watching the eighth episode of our new defense training series.
This is Coach Jeremy Pollack from Inner Warrior Coaching. Watch how he masterfully teaches you about proper knife disarming techniques.

As always, the full self-defense course series of ‘Don't Be a Victim' can be FOUND HERE.

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